Thank you to the 'useful idiots'

Monday November 19, 2012

Regarding letter writer Beverly Gianokakis’ rant of Nov. 16 directed to the "useful idiots’’ who voted for Barack Obama in the recent presidential election, thank you for very succinctly outlining all the reasons why I did not and will not vote for a conservative agenda that folks like you support. Apparently freedom and liberty are only worth defending if everyone looks like and behaves like you.

I could go on for pages addressing the details of your letter but would rather leave you with this thought. Why not follow-up your derisive diatribe with a note thanking all those ‘’useful idiots’’ who haul away your garbage, bus your kids to school, educate them, build your roads, make sure your house has power and water, stock your grocery shelves, serve your food, pump your gas, fix your car, help others struck by disaster and try to ensure that you and everyone else in this horrific excuse for a country has the opportunity to live a full and purposeful life. And they do all this without asking those they help who they voted for.




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