The big lie about Trump's dominance

The big lie about Trump's dominance

To the editor:

Donald Trump is everywhere, courtesy of the media. He has a free stage for endlessly pounding the public with his vile campaign based on hatred, anger, and fear. We are told the primaries reflect the voice of the people, and we drown in a sea of propaganda worthy of Joseph Goebbels; crowd psychology is hard at work.

The Big Lie is that Trump is running away with the Republican nomination. Amazingly, the truth is not being reported. In fact, the results of the first 32 primaries and caucuses show that Trump had at that time received a total of just 8,037,214 votes. According to current estimates there are about 146,311,000 registered voters in America. Simple arithmetic shows that this bigoted, bullying demagogue has been selected by only 5.49 percent of America's voters. I refuse to call this small minority a landslide, and I question why this information is not being reported to the public — although it is clear the media have a vested interest in keeping the bandwagon rolling.

Today we live in a world in which reason is fast being replaced with faith in many different institutions - from religions, to news networks, to the tea party, to the internet's rumor mills. Faith supersedes reason in many minds, and so we have large segments of the population rejecting science, government and common sense itself.

Trump's supporters surely seem to have set reason aside as they cheer for his absurd and ill-informed diatribes. He regularly encourages violence, and now even threatens riots if he does not get his way. His supporters have been conned by the ultimate con man; he tells them exactly what they want to hear, but it is all for his own benefit.

Many of us watch in astonishment that our country has fallen to this level of gullibility. What is left of the GOP seems bewildered, and can offer no reasonable alternative to the monster it has created.

Yes, there are problems in America; we have always had problems and we always will. What nation doesn't? But the magic of our form of government is that we can correct our problems on the run, without dissolving the republic to try another format.

Trump's supporters, like their hero, have no regard for our country or our Constitution. I hope they know what "anarchy" means, because that is what they are voting for.

Richard C Henneberry, Melbourne Fla. and Canaan N.Y.


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