The clear choice is Rep. Markey

Wednesday June 19, 2013

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

When it comes to filling the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat left by John Kerry we have a clear choice between two candidates. I am voting for Democratic U.S. Congressman Ed Markey on Tuesday, June 25.

Markey is a passionate progressive who is pro-choice, gun control, Wall Street reform, green energy, and good jobs based on innovation technology. Gomez is anti-choice, anti-assault weapon ban, pro-Tar Sands pipe line, and for cutting Social Security.

Markey is his own man. He stands up to Big Oil, Big Coal and to President Obama as Markey believes that Social Security should be left alone. Markey is supported by unions, women’s and environmental groups, senior citizens and people who believe in common sense gun control. Republican Gomez is supported by Wall Street, the oil industry and the Tea Party, which is launching a last minute ad campaign attacking Markey.

Mr. Gomez has an inspiring biography and I appreciate both his service and dedication to country. But he is on the opposite side of most issues that are important to us in Massachusetts. If you want a proven leader, an independent thinker, and a strong partner with Elizabeth Warren in the Senate, then Markey is your man.

This election is close. Vote on Tuesday, June 25. CATHY ROTH



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