The Forum: 4-H member receives Say It Proud Award


PITTSFIELD -- The Pittsfield Prevention Partnership held its year-end S.A.Y. It Proud award celebration on Saturday at the Berkshire County Youth 4-H Fair.

During the event, the final award from the 2012-13 school year was presented by Berkshire County 4-H to Collin Goodrich, 18, of Hancock.

"The Berkshire County 4-H Volunteer Association chose Collin for this award due to the way they have watched him grow over the last few years into a confident, trustworthy young man," wrote Berkshire County 4-H Extension educator Angelica Paredes in a nomination form.

Goodrich, who will be a senior this year at New Lebanon High School, is active in numerous activities, from the Pokey Pincushions 4-H Club to the National Honor Society, to being senior class treasurer and a member of a member of the GEAA Rifle and Pistol Club.

He said he wasn’t always as extrovert.

"When I was growing up, I was really shy. I didn’t really want to get into sports because I was afraid of letting people down. Karate is an independent sport I got into. It really helped me grow and to be an outgoing person," Goodrich said.

He started doing karate about 11 years ago. He’s now a first-degree black belt in Kobudo and second-degree black belt in Okinawan karate, and volunteers as a Kobudo and karate teacher.

Goodrich became interested in 4-H through his cousins’ work with the organization. He began growing vegetables as a youth, having learned from his grandfather and other family members. In addition, Goodrich is the treasurer elect for the Berkshire County 4-H Fair Association and is a Berkshire County 4-H Ambassador, trained to speak to groups or individuals about 4-H.

He works at Mario’s restaurant. He’s also a member of the New Lebanon High School Yearbook Club and, as someone who enjoys working with technology, shares his skills wherever he can and is willing to try new things. For example, he ran lights for the drama club for the first time last year.

"Going to school in Richmond, most kids went to either Monument or Taconic for high school. I was the only one to go to New Lebanon," said Goodrich.

"When I walked into there I just did my normal thing, being me. I found people who I have stuff in common with, and have awesome friends. Be yourself and do what your good at," he said.


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