The Forum: Monument Valley students tackle hunger


GREAT BARRINGTON -- Eighth-graders at Monument Valley Middle School activated their art skills for social actions to implement a project, "Wi-re People Hungry?"

Visual arts teacher Katharine "Kate" Malone-Smith introduced to students the task of visualizing world hunger. The class did research on the issue, making lists of facts and statistics. They then used wire to create sculptures of food items.

"The ideas was that the food was there, but not really. By using the wire, the lines and forms showed just a skeleton of food that should be there," Malone-Smith wrote in a blog for her classes, mvrmsart.blogspot. com. The students crafted things like spaghetti, slices of pizza, bananas and utensils, among other things.

The exhibit was displayed last week in the cafeteria for one class period. The students also held, in tandem, a food drive for the Great Barrington Food Pantry.

The students put the wire sculptures on old cafeteria trays and set the trays with a napkin on which they wrote statistics or facts they learned. For example, 1 in 6 people in the United States face food insecurity and hunger.


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