The Washington DC joke is on us

Monday June 17, 2013

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

We love humor. We love humorists, i.e., those who provide humor. There was Jack Benny, Will Rogers and the Marx Brothers. Today we have the Blue Collar team, Capital Steps and the D.C. Clowns. The legislators create chaos and mayhem. These characters are paid lavishly with our tax dollars. They tell tall stories with straight face, and become incensed when everyone isn’t bamboozled.

Edward Snowden is being vilified by professional politicians. How dare someone with a conscience offer proof as to the ugliness of U.S. legislators? It’s not a question of national security but the need to know. To control. The CIA has been snooping for years. What the Patriot Act does is validate and expand that snooping. The humor? That Snowden is solely responsible for blemishing the image of the U.S. as a superpower of conscience.

Snooping intensified after the George (Mission Accomplished) Bush administration notified European countries that the U.S. was going to invade Iraq and privatize the oil wells. That George was quite the jokester, never took anything seriously. Conversations were monitored, so Dick Cheney would have a ready reply for any opposition from foreign sources. Now there’s some real American humor. Dick was very keen on getting his friend Hal A. Burton involved in Iraq affairs. But wait, there’s more. Surveillance drones will only fly in foreign countries. And maybe in the continental U.S., but only at night. By golly, if it’s legal it must be moral.

J. Edgar Hoover’s spying on U.S. citizens and misuse of federal money was what? Breaking federal law? Why, yes it was. But that didn’t stop legislators from naming a federal building after Hoover. Every national political figurehead feared Hoover because of his secret files. Now see, there’s another joke.

Richard Nixon secretly taped everything and illegally wiretapped. National security? Or just the whim of a power-hungry, immoral person?

Did the shenanigans of the Bush administration fall into obscurity so quickly? George W. said that the Constitution was nothing but a piece of paper. Has no worth. The name of a CIA field operative was released to the press while she was in the field on a mission. Why? In order to punish her husband for not legitimizing Bush’s claim of Iraqi nuclear weaponry. Saddam Hussein was not seeking to purchase yellow cake uranium.

Come everyone, let’s laugh, because we’re still paying for the joke. Brought to you live by the D.C. Clowns.




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