Three accused of selling drugs in Pittsfield parking lot, Laundromat


PITTSFIELD -- Three people are facing charges after they were allegedly caught dealing drugs in the parking lot of Jake's Variety store on West Housatonic Street in Pittsfield.

Pittsfield residents Matthew Guillou, 26, of Daniels Avenue and Stephanie M. Carsno, 29, of Copley Terrace -- Daniel L. Grimes, 27, of Springfield, were selling drugs out of a black SUV parked near the convenience store and a Laundromat, according to Pittsfield police.

Grimes was found with more than $2,000 in cash on him and Guillou had 10 bags of heroin and 13 oxycodone pills, according to a police report. Inside the Laundromat, police say they found 60 bags of heroin and two bags of cocaine in a garbage can, alleged to have been placed there by Carsno. Police say a witness also saw a hand-to-hand drug deal between Carsno and another woman.

All three defendants pleaded not guilty in Berkshire Superior Court on Wednesday to possession of heroin and cocaine with the intent to distribute.

Judge Paul M. Vrabel released Guillou on $100 bail and held Grimes and Carsno on $1,000 cash or $10,000 surety bail. Both are on probation for drug offenses and could end up serving time in those cases.

Carsno also appeared in Berkshire Superior Court on a probation violation related to a Hampshire County case in which she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate the drug laws. Judge Mary-Lou Rup gave her an additional $500 bail. A final probation violation hearing is scheduled to take place in two weeks.

Grimes has a 90-day suspended sentence hanging over his head from a July conviction for possession of cocaine.

He had only two months left on his probation, according to his attorney Alexander Sohn.

Both Sohn and Kenneth G. Warren Jr., representing Carsno, said the prosecution's case is weak.

"My client wasn't in possession of any drugs," Sohn said.

"They have [Carsno] throwing something into a garbage can," Warren said. "There's no evidence she was selling. She wasn't seen taking anything out of the garbage can."

Judge Paul Vrabel told Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Robert Royce that the case had better be fleshed out more before taking it to trial and that he was "just barely" finding probable cause in the case.


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