Tim Jones: Best skiing in region is still ahead


Many people will hang up their skis for the season around now, apparently believing that it's nearly over. They couldn't be more wrong.

Here's a two-part insider's tip on northeastern skiing that I've shared before. But it's worth sharing again.

First, with the exception a few rare days after major snowfalls, about the only really good reason to ski in November, December and January is to have your legs ready for February, March and April.

Second, the best skiing of the year usually starts just about now and runs, in most years, through the end of March, often into early April.

Last year, of course was the exception that tests the rule. We never got enough snow to get a deep base. Even snowmaking couldn't cope with last year's warmth and rains, and the 80-degree weather in the middle of March pretty much killed most of the snow we did have.

Last year was not the best on record, though, looking back, I did get more than 20 really excellent days on the slopes.

But here we are, coming into what I consider to be the best of the best of northeastern skiing. At this time of year, you actually get some sunshine on even north-facing slopes -- which does wonders for visibility.

The days are generally warmer, so you don't need to add extra layers, wear facemasks or use handwarmers to stay comfortable on chairlift rides.

Even if the wind is blowing, as it often does at this time of year, it doesn't have that bitter, biting edge that it does in January.

And, as you get later in the season, you don't have to make first chair to get the best conditions. In fact, on a lot of days, the sun will soften the snow and your best snow conditions will be from 10 a.m. on.

So remember, even where it hasn't snowed as much as we might have liked, this has been a terrific year for snowmaking and base depths going into Presidents Week were as deep as they've been all season.

Add even a little natural snow every day or two, and you've got a recipe for outstanding conditions. Plus, February and March are traditionally the snowiest months in northern New England, at least.

Whatever you do, don't put away your skis quite yet. There's more and even better skiing to be enjoyed for the next month. Or more.

There's snow on the slopes. What are you waiting for?



If you need another excuse to go skiing over the next month or so, consider the fact that most ski areas start dropping their prices at this time of year.

Killington (800-621-6867; www.killington.com) in Killington, Vermont has announced the 2013 "NOR'BEASTER" Unlimited Spring Pass for $199.

This pass lets you ski all day, every day from until the lifts stop turning (likely in late April or even May).

It appears that Killington is out to reclaim the "King of Spring" title, so I'd bet on May.

Expect dozens more deals like that to be announced in the coming days.

If you are thinking about a season pass for 2013-14, a lot of areas will be offering their best prices over the next few weeks, AND will let you ski free for the rest of this season. Tim Jones writes about outdoor sports and travel. He can be reached at timjones@easternslopes.com


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