Time for Hinsdale to put divisiveness aside


My fellow citizens of the town of Hinsdale. It is time to put an end to the bickering and hatred that has consumed us all over the last few months. In the best interest of the town, it is time to put aside our differing opinions and start working together to resolve the problems around us.

This is not about one side winning or losing, but about how our town functions as a whole. Divided, we all fail. It is with unity and understanding that we can bring Hinsdale out of the quagmire it has been pushed into. It is time to start making the tough decisions and answering the difficult questions. It is time to stop blaming one another and start taking responsibility for our actions.

To the members of the Select Board who continue to pass the buck, fail to resolve issues that they do not want to address, consume themselves with issues that could have long since been resolved and blame others for wasting their time when they are the ones who have the power to control how their time is spent, I beseech you to stop playing with the people of this town. You were elected to work together to resolve any and all issues and make the decisions that are in the best interest of Hinsdale. It is time to start doing just that. We, the people, expect it of you.

The members of the Select Board were handed a golden opportunity to resolve the matter concerning Police Chief Nancy Daniels at their last meeting. I was extremely disheartened to watch as the opportunity was, once again, pushed aside to another day. Every option, opportunity and offer to help in the resolution was given to the board by Chief Daniels and her attorney. Sadly, the board failed to agree to take a step toward resolution.

There is still time for the Select Board to amicably end this matter. Agreeing to work with Chief Daniels and Attorney Mark Brennan to write a correct, concise, clarifying letter to the MPTC on behalf of Chief Daniels appears to be all that is needed to resolve this issue. It would require all parties to put aside their personal feelings, sit down and work together in the best interest of Hinsdale.

Chief Daniels' continued willingness to try to work with the board is a sign of good faith and true professionalism on her part. One can only hope that it will be reciprocated by the board, the necessary actions will be taken and the letter will be completed in time for the January meeting of the MPTC. If the Select Board truly wants to stop having its time wasted, then it needs to stop wasting time.

Healing the town of Hinsdale is going to have to start with its leaders. I challenge each and every one of you, who have taken an oath as an elected official in Hinsdale, to put an end to the infighting at Town Hall and step up to the higher standard that was expected of you when you agreed to serve the people. That is, after all, why you ran for political office in the first place - to serve the people - isn't it? Happiness and caring will not only make you feel good, but they can be contagious feelings, too. Why not start passing them along?

Good luck to you all. Your success is in all of our best interest. It's time for better days, for everyone, in Hinsdale.




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