Time to amend 2nd Amendment

Wednesday January 2, 2013

There are approximately 300 million guns at large in the U.S. There are approximately 310 million men, women and children in the U.S., including children 5 years old and younger. Basically one-for-one.

In Japan it is less than one gun per hundred persons. In Australia it is less than seven out of a hundred. In the U. K one must produce two character witnesses to possess a gun.

The U.S. is producing approximately 5.5 million guns per year. The U.S. population grows by 2.3 million per year. Yes, in 1791 the Second Amendment to the Constitution stated the right of the people to possess and bear arms, but this was at a time when gun manufacturing was in its infancy. Simple one-shot muskets were the guns of choice in those bygone days.

In 1865 slavery was outlawed by the 13th Amendment, in 1920 the exclusive right of males to vote in the U.S. was abolished by the 19th Amendment. In 2013, it is time for us to amend the Second Amendment, since it serves mainly as an excuse for an unregulated gun lobby to enable unregulated gun-lovers to brandish unregulated lethal weapons.




Galena, Md.


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