Town manager is asset to G. Barr.

Thursday September 20, 2012

After reading about The Great Barrington Board of Selectmen’s evaluations of Town Manager Kevin O’Don nell in The Eagle, I feel I would be remiss if I did not express my surprise and dismay at their lack of recognition of the fine job he has been doing. As a 15-year resident of Great Barring ton, in my experience and estimation, he is by far the best town manager we have had.

He gets things done! Nothing is put aside because he might not favor it. Nothing falls through the cracks. Everything is handled professionally, and efficiently. He is an excellent manager. He knows how to delegate without micromanaging yet being supportive. This brings out the best in those he manages.

He is a skilled communicator in that he says what needs to be said succinctly and objectively, with neither sugar coating nor disdain, without prattle or personal agenda. He is dedicated. I have, on occasion, held meetings at Town Hall in the evening and found him still working after my meetings adjourned.

Kevin has proven himself to be a tremendous asset to the town of Great Barrington and we are lucky to have a town manager with his talent. With his contract ending in May, 2013, I find it difficult to fathom that the Board of Sel ect men would even consider not renewing it. It would be just before our town meeting, the peak of annual budgets, and the commencement of the Main Street Reconstruction Project. When we have a town manager who is as good as it gets, why is there even question as to whether or not he should be renewed?

On Monday, Sept. 24, the Selectmen will vote on his contract renewal during the meeting. If you care about the future of Great Barrington, go to the meeting and let your Selectmen know it. They need to stop looking at what is good for them and start looking at what is best for the town.


Great Barrington


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