Transportation needs of 99 percent


Based on the article, "$136M in county road funds needed" of Jan. 4 and the editorial, "Our transportation crisis" of Jan. 7, the Eagle is clearly unhappy that many of Berkshire County's roads and bridges are not in a state of good repair.

The Eagle may even think we need commuter rail service between here and New York City. Based on boardings/
alightings I've seen at the Pittsfield Amtrak depot for the two (one in each direction) daily trains we have operating east/west across the state, I would add that we need the same linking Pittsfield with Boston as much, if not more, than with New York City.

Well, to the Eagle, our state representatives and senator, the Pittsfield establishment, all of you that celebrated the $13.4M Mass DOT sent us for the runway extension at Pittsfield Municipal (transportation for the 1 percenters), maybe you should re-think your transportation priorities. You all can be sure that if Boston deigns to send us any portion of that needed $136 M for the transportation needs of the 99 percenters, the amount will be $13.4M less than what we might have gotten. And I suspect that that $13.4M would have purchased a whole lot of road re-paving and bridge repair.

We live in arguably the "bluest" county of the "bluest" state in the union. We have a governor who is long-time friends with the president who claims he stands for the 99 percent against the power of the 1 percent. How is it then we wind up having the transportation needs of the 99 percent subjugated to transportation for the 1 percent? The irony is palpable. MARK SHAPP



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