Truly the voice of South County

Saturday December 15, 2012

Tom Jaworski was indeed the voice of South County. In some ways, he was also the heart and soul.

Deciding when to call off school in times of inclement weather is tricky business with serious consequenses. Making the call where there are some funky roads and varying sea level elevations is even more complicated. For the 19 years that I served as superintendent of schools in the Southern Berkshire Regional School District, Tom would get up early and/or stay up late to help make sure that the correct decision was made. He would analyze data from his regular weather sources and use his ham radio for additional information and then would tailor forecasts for each of the towns we served.

He would call me with his conclusions very early in the morning or very late at night so that our highway superintendent, business administrator and I could make the best call. By the sound of his distinctive voice, one would know that he was motivated to do this extra work by his concern for the well being of our students.

Also, regularly over the 19 years, I would ask Tom to do special school announcements, program promotions, to be a guest speaker and to tutor individual students who wished to pursue their ham radio license. Every time I asked him for anything, Tom was there with his winsome smile, head full of technology knowledge, sharp and upbeat wit and his gigantic heart.

Tom Jawarski was a man who cared deeply about the well being and safety of young people.



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