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Q: I am a little late asking this, but what happened to the marriage between the star of "Dexter" and the girl who plays his sister?

A: It ended. Michael C. Hall, who played the title role in the Showtime drama, and Jennifer Carpenter, who played Dexter's sister, married in 2008 and split a couple of years later. According to E! Online, the official reason for the divorce was simply "irreconcilable differences." There was some talk about Hall taking up with Julia Stiles, who had appeared on "Dexter" at the time, but Stiles firmly denied it to E! And Hall and Carpenter continued to work together on the series, which had its final episode on Sunday.

Q: The couple who advertises Swiffer products (Lee and Morty Kaufman) is so adorable. Please tell us that they really are married to each other!

A: They are. Lee, 90, and Morty, who is four months older, live in Valley Stream, N.Y., and have been married for 44 years. According to, their daughter Myra recommended them to a casting director she knew who was looking for an older couple. Neither Lee nor Morty was a professional actor.

They had not used Swiffer before trying it out for the ads, and weren't even big fans of TV pitches. "I never even listened to ads," Morty told But their videos have had millions of views on YouTube, they have been interviewed about their new stardom and, if asked to do more ads for the product, "We would have no objections," Lee said.

Q: Will "Mike & Molly" be back?

A: The CBS comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell is in CBS' lineup for 2013-14, but not in the fall part of it. Look for the show later this season, probably in January. There's a full-season order of 22 episodes, and McCarthy is one of CBS' biggest stars thanks to her booming movie career. So why hold the show back? According to, CBS entertainment boss Nina Tassler said when announcing the network plans in May that "Mike & Molly" "is a show that we love, and it puts us in a great place strategically when we talk about getting more originals, less repeats." And, Tassler said, "It gives us a chance to bring a show in at midseason that is a known asset, that people love."

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