Twin standard benefits Shalit

Monday January 21, 2013

Not long ago I ran into a ditch through no fault of my own. There was no property damage, no one was hurt, and my car was not damaged.

Before long, at least three Williamstown police cars were there, along with two ambulances. The ambulance crews examined me, wanted to take me to North Adams Regional Hospital, which I declined, as I was not hurt.

The upshot is that a few days later I received a letter from the Mass DMV revoking my license. It also stated that it would cost me almost $2,000 to reinstate it! I don’t have that kind of money. I’m just a poor veteran of three wars (WW II, Korea and Vietnam). But evidently I had the misfortune to live in Williamstown.

I read with interest the several day long narrative of Gene Shalit’s accident. He went before a court, but the case was dismissed. He did not lose his license and is free to drive But then, I do not have a famous name, and am quite poor as compared to Mr. Shalit.

Who said that the world was fair?




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