Tyringham's Santarella, Egremont Country Club properties for sale


One property contains one of Berkshire County's most interesting structures. The other features one of South County's few public golf courses.

But Santarella in Tyringham and the Egremont Country Club in Great Barrington have one thing in common. They're both for sale.

Well, sort of.

Santarella, home to the famous "gingerbread house," the former studio of sculptor Sir Henry Hudson Kitson, is being offered for $2.59 million, according to the November issue of the Berkshire Homebuyer's Guide.

But Dennis Brandmeyer, who owns the 4-acre property with his wife, Denise Hoefer, said the couple won't relist the property when the current listing expires in December. Brandmeyer said the couple put the property on the market during the tourist season hoping that it would attract a buyer, but now they plan to concentrate on their business. They have owned the property for a decade, and run the estate as a wedding venue and vacation destination.

"We want to continue to grow the business," Brandmeyer said.

The Egremont Country Club is being offered for $2.5 million, according to the current Berkshire Homebuyer's Guide listings.

General Manager Frank Mazzarelli, one of the five partners who own Egremont, said the country club property has been "officially" on the market for five years, but that it wasn't advertised until 2012.

"It's just time," said Mazzarelli, the youngest of the ownership quintet. "The partners are starting to get older, that's the single biggest reason. It's an age type of thing. I've been here 24 years, and my partners have been here since 1976."

Egremont joins Waubeeka Golf Links of Williamstown as Berkshire golf courses that are on the market. Waubeeka, owned by Jim Goff, a Berkshire native who lives in Denver, has been for sale for several years.

During the summer, Goff said that Waubeeka could be sold to be converted to other uses if a buyer couldn't be found by the end of the 2013 golf season.

In the late 1980s, a massive condominium project was proposed for the Egremont Country Club property, but the proposal faced heavy local opposition and fell through after it became too expensive to connect the proposed units to the municipal sewer line in Great Barrington.

Mazzarelli said it would be up to the buyer to determine how the country club property could be utilized, but he hoped the club's 18-hole golf course will be retained.

"I just think from the standpoint of the towns that we represent -- the course is in Great Barrington, Egremont and Sheffield -- that we're one of the few public facilities around," Mazzarelli said. "It would be a nice asset for the towns."

Besides the golf course, Egremont also includes a clubhouse with two dining rooms and seating for up to 250 patrons, a fireplace and bar, a members room, a full kitchen and two decks on the main level. The club also has several buildings that are associated with the golf course, including maintenance and storage buildings. Lance Vermeulen Real Estate is the listing agent.

Santarella, whose roots date back to Tyringham's founding in 1739, has four inn buildings, and a pond that are located on 3.78 acres, according to the listing.

Kitson, known for his work on the Lexington Minuteman and Plymouth Rock Maiden statues in Massachusetts, began converting a barn on the property into the Gingerbread House for use as his sculpting studio in 1920, and worked on the project for 25 years. The building contains an 80-ton asphalt shingled roof that took 12 years to complete.

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