Unlike Brown, Warren is real deal

Sunday November 4, 2012

I fear that there are people who will vote for President Obama and Senator Brown thinking that Scott is a senator who will support Obama when he feels it is the right thing to do. A middle of the roader is not one who will vote with the tea party 90 percent of the time, which is what Brown will do once he has the six years secured.

He portrays himself as someone who has a mind of his own by voting on minor issues that are not in the interest of the far right. He is supported by the tea party because it knows that to be elected in Massachusetts as a Republican you must sometimes go against your party, but once elected we will see the real Brown, a tea partier.

With Elizabeth Warren there is no deception, just a solid vote for what the people of this state want. She doesn’t drink beer with the boys, drive a pickup and wear faded clothes to make us think that she is like we are. She is among the big majority of the people of Massachusetts, no phony proof needed.




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