Unsung hero for MCLA, education

Monday October 22, 2012

I am so hopeful as I watch the construction workers labor to build the MCLA Center for Science and Innovation and I am so thankful that I can see them daily from my office window in Eldridge Hall, a campus building across the street from the construction.

One day I was inspired to become a more proactive observer when I saw a person straddle and "crawl-step" along an I-beam. The worker bent down to hold on to the upper ledge of the I-beam as he/she stepped forward on the lower ledge. I was concerned because there was no rope to secure a hold, so I funneled mental energies toward this courageous individual.

I wanted in this prayerful moment to belay this construction worker and with my thoughts become part of a spiritually significant and strong safety net. I had faith the crawl-stepper would cross safely to the outside corner post and -- as it turned out -- stand up to get into position for an upcoming construction task.

I continued to watch as a skilled crane operator carefully lowered a hanging beam into two posts. I literally raised my hands and applauded the bold job performances of these workers, particularly the one person who crawl-stepped across the i-beam unsecured. In my eyes, this unsung hero was center stage in the safe and successful completion of this building event.

Our president is an unsung hero who has boldly moved forward in the face of harmful obstructionism. He has persevered with honor and crawl-stepped as needed to stand tall in honest work for the good of the people.

In my eyes, I am blessed to witness the day to day work at MCLA. It is an enduring affirmation of President Barack Obama's leadership and long-term commitment to public higher education.

It's a powerful statement of his administration's confidence in the strength of paying forward to provide our children with opportunities to become involved in making a positive difference in their families, their communities, and to the world.

It is his inspiring vote of confidence in American values and dreams. It's reality that I see with my very own eyes -- a reality for which I remain deeply grateful. EDITH V. PYE



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