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Editor's note: This story contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some readers.

SPRINGFIELD - Before he was shot in the head, David Glasser was on his knees begging for his, according to testimony Wednesday in the murder trial of David Chalue.

Testifying for the prosecution, David Casey described for the jury the brutal torture and killing of three men in August 2011 that he says Chalue's co-defendant, Adam Lee Hall, recounted to him after the murders.

Casey said he and Hall sat in Casey's truck hours after the killings and Hall described how he stood over Glasser ready to kill him when his gun jammed, allowing Glasser to run deeper into the woods.

"I think he said Davey [Chalue] was on him real quick," Casey told the jury in Hampden Superior Court.

Already wounded, Glasser was dragged back to Hall, who angrily said "This one's for me," Casey testified. As Glasser begged for his life and promised not to testify against Hall in an upcoming trial, Hall shot him.

Hall went on to say he later picked up Glasser's severed head and commented how ugly he was because he didn't have any teeth, Casey said.

The witness said Hall told him they had a hard time cutting up another of the victims, Edward Frampton, because of his size, and that Hall didn't mind killing "the black guy," Robert Chadwell.

Hall said they found Chadwell leaning against a tree stump moaning. They thought they had killed him but he wasn't dead yet. They killed him after stabbing and torturing him, Casey testified.

"Hall said he was very gratified after the killings and he went home and slept like a baby," Casey testified. "He said he wouldn't mind if he had to spend the rest of his life in jail."

Hall told Casey he enjoyed doing the killings in the rain. The murders are alleged to have taken place in the midst of Tropical Storm Irene. The witness said after Hall told him the story he was "in a daze, shocked."

Casey himself is facing accessory charges to multiple counts of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation for helping to bury the dismembered remains of the three victims with his excavator.

When Casey agreed to help bury the bodies, he said, he did it out of fear that Hall would harm him, his sister or her boyfriend, Scott Langdon, a co-defendant of Hall's in an earlier case.

He said they buried the bodies on the property of Daniel Cole in Becket, unbeknownst to the property owner.

Casey told the jury he met up with Hall on Monday, Aug. 29, 2011, at the home of Alan Pavoni in Becket, where Hall had left a tan Buick -- which had the victims' remains in the trunk. Casey had called his friend Pavoni the day before to ask if Hall could park his car there because he was allegedly having engine troubles. This was all done at the behest of Hall, according to Casey.

Chalue also was there that morning, Casey said, and Hall told him Chalue was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist prison gang.

Hall told Chalue to stay behind while he and Casey went to the Cole property to prepare for the digging of the grave, according to the witness. After making sure Cole wasn't home, they returned to get the Buick and Hall spoke with Chalue before driving the car over to the Cole property, Casey said.

Once there, Casey dug the ditch. Hall then loaded the garbage bags, which Casey described as "slushy," onto the excavator and Casey dumped them in the hole and covered them up. He said he didn't know for sure what was in the bags but had a pretty good idea.

Earlier on Wednesday, two witnesses testified to events they say occurred later that same night.

Chalue and Hall were getting drunk at the Hells Angels clubhouse in Lee and making fun of the victims, according to testimony by Rose Dawson, 20, of Pittsfield.

"You should have seen the look on his face," Hall said that evening as the men clinked glasses and laughed, she testified.

Dawson reluctantly took the stand and recounted the night's events. Dawson said she, Hall, Chalue and Alexandra Ely, who was then pregnant with Hall's child, were at the Hells Angels clubhouse in Lee. She said she drank a little, but Hall and Chalue went through a bottle of Crown Royal whisky and seemed to be in a celebratory mood, clinking their glasses together as they drank.

At one point, Hall ran around pretending to be scared, saying "help me, help me" in a high-pitched voice while Chalue pointed his finger like a gun at Hall, she said.

According to Dawson, Hall said something about a person "having to watch." She overheard Hall tell Chalue that someone's new nickname should be "Butch" and said he was a "real pro."

The witness said she helped wash out a blue Hyundai Elantra earlier that day and that the water that came out of the inside of the car as they hosed it down was "nasty." She also testified to driving in the Buick that Sunday and looking in a bag Hall had warned her not to look inside. She said there were gloves in the bag.

Dawson said she didn't want to testify and was scared. Chalue had told her not to talk to the police and if she did she would "regret it," she said. Chalue's attorney, Donald W. Frank, said Chalue later told Dawson it was her civic duty to tell the police what she knew.

Ely, 25, who also took the stand, corroborated in part what Dawson testified to.

"While they were drinking they were joking, laughing, having fun," she said, and she told a similar story to Dawson about Hall and Chalue acting out a chase.

When she asked Hall what they were joking about, he told her "none of your business."

Under cross-examination, Ely said the two men were slurring their words and appeared drunk. She said she never heard Chalue talk about any killings.

The trial continues Thursday.


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