Update: Hall's ex-girlfriends recount incidents involving Glasser


SPRINGFIELD -- Adam Lee Hall tapped the baseball bat on his boot while David Glasser crouched before him, arms protecting his body.

Brittany Beggs, the mother of one of Hall's children, set the scene for jurors on Tuesday about the morning of July 21, 2009, when she drove up to the Peru home she shared with Hall.

She said Hall was standing over Glasser and speaking in an "aggressive tone" and "back" swung the bat, striking Glasser in the arm.

On the prosecution's second day of evidence in Hall's expansive triple murder trial in Hampden Superior Court, the focus was on two prior incidents involving Glasser that prosecutors say eventually led to the kidnapping and murder of Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell in August 2011.

The first incident came about because Hall was angry at Glasser for taking carburetors and scrapping them and other items that belonged to Hall. In her testimony Beggs said that Glasser got about $18 for the metal. Hall bought the items back and allegedly came up with a plan to get even with Glasser, according to Beggs, who is a co-defendant in the case.

Hall later learned that someone had given Glasser permission to scrap the items from his garage, Beggs said.

She said Hall and Glasser hauled a motorcycle to the Peru residence and once there Hall confronted Glasser about taking the items.

Beggs said Hall told her his plan beforehand and that he also had struck Glasser with the baseball bat before she arrived that morning.

She conceded that she was being charged with the same crimes as Hall, her ex-boyfriend, including charges of armed robbery and that she hoped to avoid prison by taking the stand for the prosecution.

She told the jury that on the morning of July 21, 2009, after dropping off their child Thor at day care, she picked up breakfast sandwiches for Hall and Glasser -- as she had been directed to do by Hall -- and then returned to Peru. When she got back Hall ordered her to give him a piece of paper and a pen and watched while Hall force Glasser to sign over his truck to him.

She said she did what Hall asked her to because she was "shaken up" after seeing him beat Glasser with the bat.

Earl Persip, who also took the stand Tuesday, said Hall sold him what turned out to be Glasser's truck a day after the alleged beating. He paid $2,000 for it, he said, but when he learned it belonged to Glasser, who he knew, he returned it and tried to get his money back from Hall, but wasn't able to, he said.

Massachusetts State Police Trooper WIlliam Scott told the jury that while interviewing Glasser about the alleged beating, Glasser received a phone call from Hall. During the call, which Glasser put on speaker-phone, Hall said "so you decided to do it the other way."

Glasser responded that he didn't do anything. "I just want my stuff back," he said.

The interaction, which was videotaped, was played for the jury Tuesday.

Scott also testified that when Hall was pulled over and arrested on the charges, police found a baseball bat in his Hummer.

There was no blood on the bat when it was recovered, Scott said.

Turning to the second incident, the prosecution called another of Hall's ex-girlfriends -- and co-defendants -- to the stand.

Nicole Brooks told the jury that Hall tried to get her involved in several schemes to discredit Glasser as a witness in the 2009 incident.

When Brooks she didn't want to be involved, Brooks testified, Hall told her "This needs to happen. I don't want to go to jail."

In the first scheme, she said, Hall tried to get her to lure Glasser to Vermont and then call police to say she had been kidnapped by him. When asked by Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Gregory Barry whether she went along with that plan she answered: "I told him no, that it was stupid."

Brooks said that on Aug. 11, 2010, while at Hall's Peru residence, he pulled out a .22 pistol and told her he planned to use the gun to frame Glasser. She said at the time she didn't realize she was to be part of Hall's plan.

She said Hall's scheme involved several other people, including Scott Langdon and Alexandra Ely -- another of Hall's ex-girlfriends.

Brooks was to be at the center of the scheme, in which she would frame Glasser to make it look like he robbed and kidnapped her.

Hall prepped her for her role by showing her a picture of Glasser, whom she had never met, and by making her memorize information, including the license plate number of Glasser's truck, according to her testimony.

Hall also drove with her to New York state and fired the gun into a tree in preparation for the fake crime, which she later reported to police, she said.

Brooks said on Aug. 14, 2010, Langdon convinced Glasser to drive him to Wells, N.Y. and then planted the gun and Brooks' wallet in Glasser's truck. Brooks said she drove up in her car and that Hall and Ely followed.

She didn't want to go through with it, but Hall told her she was in too deep already and would be charged as well.

Brooks told the New York State Police that Glasser had robbed her of $800 at gunpoint and tried to kidnap her at a rest stop in Wells. She told police Glasser shot at her as she ran from him.

She said this was all a part of Hall's plan, but it came unraveled after police found a receipt from Pittsfield in her wallet dated the same day as the alleged robbery.

"If this doesn't work he would have to make Glasser disappear," Brooks recalled Hall telling her.


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