Update: Witnesses in Chalue murder testify about failed frame-up of victim


SPRINGFIELD - Adam Lee Hall's escalating obsession with David Glasser led to the murder of Glasser and two other men - allegedly with the help of David Chalue.

That was the prosecution's message to jurors in Chalue's murder trial in Hampden Superior Court on Monday.

A year before Chalue, Hall and Caius Veiovis allegedly kidnapped and killed three city men in August 2011, Hall came up with a scheme to discredit Glasser as a witness in an upcoming trial by pinning a fake armed robbery and attempted murder on him, according to testimony.

Three witnesses, all Hall's co-defendants in the earlier case, testified on Monday they had been roped into helping to lure Glasser to rural Wells, N.Y., in August 2010.

Nicole Brooks, 24, testified that she handed a gun and her wallet to Scott Langdon.

Langdon, 48, also under questioning by Berkshire Assistant District Attorney Gregory Barry, testified that he planted the items in Glasser's truck. Brooks then called police in New York and told them a man had attempted to kidnap her and fired a gun at her when she ran from him. She gave a description of Glasser's truck and his license plate number.

Brooks said Hall had fired the gun into a tree on an earlier occasion and made sure she knew which tree the bullet had hit.

Glasser was later arrested by Pittsfield Police after a traffic stop when they found the gun and Brooks' wallet. Investigators later determined Glasser had been set up and that Hall was behind the scheme.

Brooks said Hall told her if this plan didn't work he would have to make Glasser disappear.

The prosecution does not allege Chalue was involved in the 2010 scheme, but presented the evidence to show how Hall's escalating obsession with getting Glasser led to the murders.

In August 2011, Glasser, his roommate Edward Frampton and their friend and neighbor Robert Chadwell disappeared from Glasser's Linden Street home. Their dismembered remains were found about two weeks later buried in a trench in Becket.

A jury determined that Hall had been involved in the kidnapping, torture and murder of the men. He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences plus 42 years in February.

Chalue's attorney, Donald W. Frank, spent Monday questioning the witnesses on whether Hall had told them the whole plan or whether the information given to them was limited to their specific roles in the scheme.

Brooks, who was dating Hall at the time, said she knew "very little" of the plan.

Alexandra Ely, the mother of a child by Hall who was also dating him at the time, said he lied to her, was manipulative and always had different projects going.

"I didn't really know what was going on during it," she said, adding that she only found out the whole truth afterward.

All three witnesses were charged in the 2010 case. They said on Monday that although they were not promised anything for their testimony by the Berkshire District Attorney's Office, they hoped for some "consideration" in regard to their charges.

According to Langdon, who was friends with many Hells Angels, Hall was thrown out of the organization after it was learned Hall had gone to the FBI and asked to be an informant and said he would wear a wire. The FBI turned him down.

Monday also saw testimony from two others who said Hall had tried to rope them into plans to discredit Glasser.

Justina Coe, 27, told the jury in 2009 Hall asked her to have oral sex with Glasser, put Glasser's semen on her underwear and then accuse Glasser of rape. She said she told Hall she wouldn't do it.

Coe also testified that Hall brought Chalue, 47, to her house in August 2011 just before the killings. She had known Hall for years, but had never seen Chalue before that visit, she said. Under cross-examination, she told the jury that Hall brought a lot of people to her house.

Timothy Rondeau, 44, also alleged he was approached by Hall in August 2009. Hall asked Rondeau to get his female friend to take Glasser to New York, have sex with him and accuse him or rape, the witness said.

Rondeau said he passed on the message, but nothing became of the plan.

Monday afternoon, the prosecution began its case in the triple murders with testimony from a Home Depot employee, William Gregory, who was working at the Pittsfield store when Caius Veiovis and another man came in and asked him where the saws were. Gregory said Veiovis "really stuck out" because of his facial tattoos, horn implants and Mohawk hairstyle.

It was Aug. 24, 2011, just days before Glasser and his friends disappeared.

Gregory said after reviewing the store video it appeared the men walked over to where the hatchets were kept and one of them - he identified it as being Veiovis - picked one of the implements up and made a chopping motion with it as if "to see what it would be like to chop" with it.

Under cross-examination, another Home Depot employee, Michael Carriveau, who handles asset protection for company, said it appeared it was the other man who picked up the ax and not Veiovis.

The only item the men purchased that day was star key set, a kind of specialty wrench, according to testimony. Chalue was not at the store at that time.

He has denied multiple counts of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation and is being held without bail. His trial continues Tuesday.


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