Upset by snub of Barney Frank

Monday February 4, 2013

For years I have supported Governor Patrick with both time and money. I have transported and placed lawn signs far and wide in South County. I poll-watched his first election to make sure he had every possible vote from our town. He has shaken my hand at various times over the years and once thrillingly by happenstance, when he stopped at the hot dog stand in our town one hot summer day in 2011, just as we happened to arrive on the scene. My husband and I were so delighted to have him nearly all to ourselves for a good five minutes or so.

I, and countless others, asked him over and over again to appoint Barney Frank to Sen. Kerry’s interim seat. He ignored this outcry and has chosen otherwise -- for no good reason that I can ascertain. I am disappointed beyond words. He has done this disservice to me, to Massachusetts and most importantly, our country. Such a slap in the face to Barney, Elizabeth Warren and all of the above.

One can only suspect cronyism. I hate thinking this, but, looming as it does, how can it be overlooked? His reasons for selecting Mr. Cowan over Barney, as far as I can see are thin at best. Mr. Cowan seems like a very nice man who will do no harm, but can he hold a candle to our fighting, fearless, experienced Barney? One can only assume the worst; that Mr. Cowan was promised the job and accordingly, a month ago, quit his job as the governor’s chief of staff as a prerequisite to slide into it.

I fervently hope the future will prove me wrong and that my governor knows what he is doing and has put a man in place that he knows to be better in fiscal matters and the inner workings of the U.S. Congress than Barney Frank is. That the Guv knows, as well, that he is more fearless, articulate and courageous than Barney Frank. Above all I hope that Mr. Cowan is willing and able to use these great talents to fight the tough battles that lie ahead better than Barney Frank could and would have.

I can hope and hope, but how can one not hate politics? Somehow I assumed that Barney with his knowledge of the banking system, the workings of the Congress (the Banking Committee in particular) not to mention the outpouring of popular support he received, was a shoo-in for the job. He would have been a scourge to Republican recalcitrance, and a great help to Elizabeth in her early days as she grapples with the coming Pavlovian Republican opposition. What a pair they would have been.

Those chances are forever gone. I can’t believe it and I don’t think I can forgive the Guv.




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