U.S. too accepting of drones, violence

Thursday January 10, 2013

Our relentless goal to dominate nations we disagree with, develop secret bases for our drone killing machines, control world resources and decide who lives or dies on any given day is, for me, heart-wrenching.

Just think of the thousands who died during the immoral Iraqi war and those still dying in Afghanistan. For what? Oil? Mineral rights? To use up our weaponry so the taxpayers can buy more?

I am surprised that more Americans are not appalled by the drone attacks that are killing many innocent people as well as those we call the enemy. Has the violence we see right here at home hardened us to the cruelty and suffering we inflict on people of other nations? Our love of gun possession is reflected in our military’s objectives to perpetuate endless destructive wars.

Look at what our children read, see and hear every day. How can they grow up believing that they will inherit a just and peaceful world?

Most of us know that our economy is supported by our military industrial complex and there is no plan on the horizon to change that culture. It just keeps growing.

Our president received the Nobel Peace Prize and by pursuing drone warfare and other lethal weaponry that diminishes the greatness of our country he has trivialized the value of that prize for those that follow.




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