Useful idiots re-elected Obama

Friday November 16, 2012

The results of this election are due to the fact that the new majority voted for Obama by electoral vote. Both parties are horrible, but what choice do we have? We must vote for the lesser of two evils. In the future, we should just let Ohio vote and the rest of us can stay home.

The new majority includes the gay community, most college students, almost every black, Asian and Hispanic in the country, Hollywood’s fin est, every irresponsible woman who chooses to have sex without readily available birth control pills or protection and demands that we pay for her abortions, and last, but not least, die-hard Democrats who believe that their party is for the blue collar workers and the middle class.

We see Obama’s face and hear his voice every day on television. Do you notice how he turns his head to the right and his nose is always up in the air? He answers to no one. He is a true elitist. Do you really think he wants to hobnob with any of you? But he does need you. In his circle, you are known as useful idiots -- he needs your vote!

I voted both Democrat and Republican, because I voted for the person running for office. This "my party across the board" mentality is going to destroy our country.

Those of us who actually learn about what is going on in the economic and foreign policies of our country know that Obama was never qualified to do the job of commander in chief -- he was a community organizer for God’s sake. But he had an agenda dictated by his higher-up wealthy puppet masters -- destroy the U.S. as we knew it and make it part of the new world order. And his useful idiots gave him four more years to finish us off.

Those of us old enough to remember World War II and the fear of running to bomb shelters in our schools and on North Street in Pittsfield when we heard the air raid alarms know what is coming. Only it won’t be a bomb. It’s being done from the inside of our own government.




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