Values change, commands do not

Friday October 5, 2012

Like others before him, Mr. Reel in his Sept. 21 letter to the editor accuses Christians of picking and choosing Biblical passages, in this case from the Old Testament, to uphold their beliefs. Jesus did not come to abolish the law and the prophets (the Hebrew Bible) but to fulfill them.

The Old Testament was a sacred book to Jesus. The difference here is that there are commands from God in the Old Testament that tell us how to relate to people, animals, property and the land such as not killing, not committing adultery, not coveting your neighbor’s goods and not lying with a man as with a woman. And there are statements that are specific to the times regarding such things as multiple wives and slavery for instance. There are no commands from God to go and have slaves and multiple wives.

But even in these statements, God is concerned for the welfare of individuals involved. Christians today are not going to condone slavery and having more than one wife. Our cultural values do change over time, but the commands of God and Jesus do not.

Yes, Jesus is all loving, but it is not unconditional. There are requirements: Go and sin no more, receive and accept the forgiveness of your sins and come and follow Christ as your savior. A gay lifestyle is not something God wants for us, but as Christians we are not to condemn and attack such persons. Judgment is for God to give. We are to love our neighbor regardless.




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