Veterans shouldn't face second battle

Sunday April 21, 2013

When a soldier leaves the battlefield he faces another battle trying to get benefits due him because of sickness, injury or injustice. Why all the red tape to get records or benefits?

When a veteran goes to the Veterans Administration it is a long, drawn-out, farcical process, and may take years to get problems straightened out. You write to your representatives to get help but all you get is window dressing. They may not even get your letter, which is handled by staffers who stamp the representative’s signature on a return letter.

If you write or visit a VA office they just tell you they are forwarding your paperwork to the proper agency and then you wait and wait and often hear nothing. Veterans talk with one another and experience the same problem. Why should veterans have to put up with this?

Veterans hope someone will take notice and help. What do you have to do to get representatives or the Veterans Administration to take an active role in helping veterans?




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