Vitriol, lawsuits discourage volunteers

Monday April 1, 2013

The March 27 editorial "How town government works" certainly resonated with me. The imbroglio which has been continuing since the dedication of the memorial is quite germane. Some of the issues raised by the critics were quite valid, but the degree of vitriol directed against those responsible by concerned citizens and some local media was relatively extreme.

I have been a member of the Kennedy Park committee for quite a few years. I volunteered originally as an enthusiastic, but apparently naive and ignorant, citizen for a position which I thought could be of benefit to the town. Although I have apologized twice in print (via "letters") I now find myself concerned that I might be one of the targets of a lawsuit that may be hanging over our heads for who knows how long.

From the inception of the "difficulties" I have been quite concerned that many potentially valuable volunteers would be discouraged from stepping forth, and it now seems as if my fears were justified. I know that I will be reluctant to ever volunteer again, although the potential value of my contributions is dwindling by now.




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