Volunteering is just that

Saturday December 15, 2012

I find the school council for Reid Middle School and for all schools very important for the running and operation of each to be needed. The actions of a School Committee member at a meeting that is threatening to any volunteer member of a council cannot be condoned at all.

As a previous member of multiple school councils, I find this appalling. I have watched School Committee meetings and listened as Mr. Kinnas goes on and on, talking, analyzing, contradicting and demoralizing ideas of committee members. It is inappropriate and nonproductive.

Again, I stress the need and the fact that these people volunteer to help our schools, along with teachers and faculty, to make the learning process fun and productive. Councils do fundraisers, special events to raise money for new playgrounds and needed supplies, etc. Without them these items would not exist. All budgets are stretched to the max., so we need their help.

So no one on the Reid Council should allow the actions of one to sour their very important work, as I know my time on the councils I served gave me pleasure in helping the school and neighborhood. If rules were broken by members on the Reid Council, I’m sure it was not intended, and, yes, they should be told about it, but not belittled in the process.

Remember, we vote for School Committee members, so if this behavior continues we can always get someone else to represent the city of Pittsfield public schools.




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