Vote for Neal, the real Democrat

Monday September 3, 2012

My husband and I, proud members of the Pittsfield Democratic Committee, have had the pleasure of working for Congressman John Olver for 21 years. It is from that perspective, we write to set the record straight with regard to Andrea Nuciforo’s desperately negative postcard, TV, and radio campaign.

Andrea may claim to be the "real Democrat" in the race, but for two decades the Berkshires has seen a real Democrat in action. That man is John Olver, who has wholeheartedly endorsed Congressman Richie Neal for reelection.

Richie Neal’s Democratic credentials are solid. Both Richie and John voted against the Iraq war. Both voted against the Bush tax cuts, twice. As Congress’ staunchest supporter of Social Security and Medicare, Richie traveled the country to defend these programs against Republican attacks.

Richie and John worked with Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act, and this year Obama asked Richie to serve as his national surrogate, and Richie has already campaigned in New Hampshire.

On the other hand, as state senator, Andrea: killed the Clean Elections Law -- even after voters passed it in a referendum; took money from insurance and banking interests while chair of the Joint Committee on Finance; and now we learn his positions on critical issues were "borrowed" from other candidates across the country, leaving voters wondering what he stands for.

As supporters of Richie Neal, we are proud to say Richie has never run a negative campaign; he runs on his record of accomplishment. We urge you to vote for the "real Democrat" in this race for Congress, Richie Neal.





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