Voting for Laugenour and Green

Friday October 5, 2012

I was born and raised in Berkshire County. My insurance premiums are exorbitant and continue to rise, while services have declined. Most of us voted for Medicare for all in Berkshire County, but our legislators pay lip service to our vote, deferring to insurance companies and supposed "nonprofits." Our tax dollars are given to all the wrong people in the name of "job creation" when it has been proven not to be effective. My tax dollars go to private schools and supposed nonprofits serving the wealthy, and our legislators, despite my requests, have done nothing.

Scott Laugenour signed my petition to tax wealthy non-profits ( Smitty Pignatelli and Ben Downing have done nothing in this re spect. While Berkshire County has become a playground for the wealthy, the locals struggle to pay the taxes or have moved. The services our community provides to them should not be at taxpayer expense. If you can afford to pay for a service, it is not charitable to provide that service.

Nonprofits were supposed to be charitable. Austen Riggs, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Ma hai we Theatre, Tangle wood, Berkshire School, Kri palu, who do these entities serve? Those who can afford their services, but everyone pays. You would think Demo crats believed in the trickle down theory.

In November, I will not blindly vote for either a Democrat or Republican. I will vote Green. I will vote for Scott Laugenour who understands tax fairness, and I will vote for Jill Stein, who understands the cost of war to all of us.


Mt. Washington


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