Wahconah Awards & Scholarships

Monday June 10, 2013

American Legion Auxiliary Benjamin F. Sullivan Unit #155: Medal & Award: Heather Szklasz. Scholarship: Bayleigh MacHaffie.

American Legion Benjamin F. Sullivan Post #155 Scholarships: Nathan St. Pierre, Calli Morrison.

Emma Bailey Scholarships: Nicholas Dargi, Devin Gale, Erin Grogan, Lane Grogan, Alexandra Keator, William Moro.

Town of Becket Scholarship: Nicholas Sawyer.

B.C.C. Foundation Berkshire Conservation District Scholarship: Kessa Battaini.

B.C.C. Foundation General Scholarship: Kessa Battaini.

Central Berkshire Education Association Scholarships: Michael Friedman, Rebecca Grunow.

Cora Kirchner Cooney Health Career Scholarship: Rebecca Grunow.

Dalton Lions Club Scholarship: Logan Gresser.

Dalton Rotary Club Charles "Dutch" Treat Scholarship: Stephanie Rawson.

Dalton Volunteer Fire Department Scholarships: Rebecca Grunow, Shannon Lussier.

Daughters of the American Revolution Award: Christopher Darroch.

877 MY Insurance Scholarships: Padraig Dougherty, Christina Reardon.

Great Trails Council, Boy Scout Troop #4, Dalton Scholarship: Nathan Ivanowsky.

Greylock Credit Union "Treat Everyone Better Than They Expect" Scholarship: Nicholas Montferret.

Hill Engineering Scholarship: Nathan St. Pierre.

Hillside Agricultural Society Scholarship: Jared Jordan.

Knights of Columbus #411 (David H. Carmel) Scholarships: Calli Morrison, Timothy Wagner.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarship: Christopher Girard.

Pittsfield Elks Lodge #272 Scholarships: Erin Grogan, Lane Grogan.

Emily Savery Memorial Scholarship: Walter Burmer.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship: Nathan St. Pierre

Town of Washington Scholarships: Nicholas Dargi, Devin Gale, Erin Grogan, Lane Grogan, Alexandra Keator.

Art Department Awards: Bayleigh MacHaffie, Nicholas Sawyer.

Attendance Award: Nicholas Sawyer.

Business Department Award: Jared Jordan.

Emerging Technology Department Award: William McKibbin.

English Department Award: Samantha Keller.

Family and Consumer Science Award: Madison Laramy.

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators’ Association Student Achievement Award: Alexandra Keator.

Mathematics Department Award: Laura Harnett.

Modern and Classical Languages Awards: French: Lily Calaycay. Latin: Jaclyn Farrell. Spanish: Heather Szklasz.

Music Awards: Choral Award: Daniel White. Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Christopher Girard. John Philip Sousa Award: Bayleigh MacHaffie.

National Merit Program: Letters of Commendation: Manish Devana, Laura Harnett.

Physical Wellness Department Awards: Gabrielle Lavinio, Nicholas Montferret.

Positive Options Program Award: Jessica Wendling.

Principal’s Leadership Award: Sarah French.

Reading Award: Jeremy Godbout.

Science Department Award: Alexandra Keator.

Social Studies Department Award: Christopher Darroch.

Student Council Awards: Padraig Dougherty, Erin Grogan, Laura Harnett, Alexandra Keator, Nicholas Montferret, Shivaram Muruga, Timothy Wagner.

Technology Education Department Award: Jonathan Bracci.

Wahconah Regional High School Booster Club Awards: Joseph DiMassimo III, Jordan Fiske, Lane Grogan, Daniel Hopmans, Alexandra Keator, Elisabeth King, Gabrielle Lavinio, Shannon Lussier, Bethany McBain, Nicholas Montferret.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 1970 Scholarships: McKenzie Harrington, Samantha Keller.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 1981 Scholarship: Christopher Darroch.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 2012 Scholarships: Sarah French, William Moro, Holly Rueger, Alanna White.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 2013 Scholarships: Anthony Baroli, Ryan Blessing, Padraig Dougherty, Lexi Girard, Eric Herrmann, Elizabeth Kowalczyk, Shivaram Muruga, Alexander Stevens, Dustin Van Fleet, Mikayla Weigel.

Wahconah Regional High School Drama Award: William Moro.

Wahconah Regional High School Inspiration Award: Jacob Bradley.

Wahconah Regional High School Spirit of Inclusion Award: Mary Eagar.

Salvatore Abbate Memorial: Lily Calaycay, Clark Cone, Manish Devana, Jaclyn Farrell, Laura Harnett, Alexandra Keator, Nathan St. Pierre, Heather Szklasz, Dustin Van Fleet, Jessica Voight, Timothy Wagner.

Mary T. Ano Memorial: Justin Roughley.

Francis J. Avery Memorial: Clark Cone.

Richard M. Bellinger Memorial: Gabrielle Lavinio.

Sally (Nama) Billick Memorial: Christopher Girard.

Charles and Sadie Boraski Memorial: Romana Hruby, Zachary Rocca, Nicholas Sawyer, Grace Shears, Timothy Wagner.

William Boraski Memorial: Bayleigh MacHaffie.

Patrick Brennan Memorial: Payton Hines.

Brandie Brewer-Landquist Memorial: Bintu Konteh.

Thomas and Elaine Callahan Sr. Memorial: Brandyn Cesan, Timothy Wagner.

William and Patricia Carey Memorial: Bethany McBain.

Peter R. Cimini Memorial: Courtney Daley.

Frank N. Costa Memorial: Brandyn Cesan.

Chester H. Dodge Jr. Memorial: Timothy Wagner.

Harold "Hal" Douville Memorial: Nicholas Montferret.

James H. Duquette Memorial: Timothy Desmarais, McKenzie Harrington.

James Raymond Earley Memorial: Jared Jordan.

Judith A. Farley Memorial: Grace Doble.

Lindsey M. Ferrell Memorial: Joseph DiMassimo III, Mary Zabian.

Gladys Filmus Memorial: Stephanie Rawson.

Ida Flynn Memorial: Gabrielle Lavinio.

David B. Grunow Memorial: Rebecca Grunow.

Jacqueline Harrison Memorial: Lily Calaycay.

Kathryn A. Hutwelker Memorial: Gabrielle Lavinio.

Gilbert D. Kittredge Memorial: Nicholas Dargi, Lane Grogan, Alexandra Keator, Nicholas Montferret, Alanna White.

William H. and Marion D. Manning Memorial: Nathan Kirchner.

Patrick J. Muraca Memorial: Bayleigh MacHaffie.

Thomas Murray Memorial: Daniel White.

Velma M. O’Connell Memorial: Michael Friedman.

Robert "Boog" Powell Memorial: Payton Hines, Alexandra Keator, Gabrielle Lavinio, Shannon Lussier, Bethany McBain.

Robert R. Powell & Joseph D. Robins Memorial: Bintu Konteh.

Kay Sanford Memorial: Jaclyn Farrell.

Dorothy Shepard Memorial: Rebecca Grunow.

James "Jim" Soluri Memorial: Caitlin Peeler.

Rick Stracuzzi Memorial: Gabrielle Lavinio.

Harry A. Walton Memorial: Alexandra Keator, Gabrielle Lavinio.

Carl Willey Memorial: Amber Bassett.


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