Wahconah graduates urged to believe in the power of 'change'


Photo Gallery | 2014 Wahconah Regional High School Graduation

DALTON -- The older folks in attendance on Sunday at the Wahconah Regional High School gymnasium understood. This year's high school graduating class will be celebrating its 10th reunion in the blink of an eye. Time, it's been said, waits for no man.

But the Warrior seniors were indeed resolute, and prevailed collectively, at this final and full gathering. Father Time, with a frown upon his hurried face, was given a short detention by this robust group of teens, which froze the tortured soul, if only for an instant. The time, the moment you could say, was all theirs. And the kids weren't going to let it slip away quickly without a fight.

So, when the final trick that was hidden up their blue-and-white sleeves was finally unleashed -- stopping time is no easy illusion -- the seniors allowed their own hearts to race at an unabashed pace as they embraced what was a final chapter in the early part of the book that on another day will tell the story of their lives.

Class of 2014 valedictorian Rose May spoke both candidly and pointedly. She put the responsibility of the future on the accepting shoulders of her classmates, and by extension, her generation.

"Change," she said, "is something we need to want. We have to believe in its power. Our generation has been called selfish. But I believe we are determined."

Whatever the word is that defines the moment when a young man or woman segues into the next chapter of that book, it was evident on Sunday during an alternately fun and emotional afternoon of pomp and circumstance. The festivities left all with a feeling that this class had turned in a job well done.

The educational harmony put forth by the 132 seniors sent this clear message: "Hey world, here we come."

While some jaws were set strongly to prevent tears of relief and joy from flowing, other eyes dripped with delight. Regardless, the seniors, perhaps for the first time in four years, were all on the same page. Ear-to-ear smiles were plentiful and eyes sparkled like stars on a clear Central Berkshire night.

The students were the pudding, the diplomas were the proof.

Class salutatorian Eleanor Cherry paralleled her four years at Wahconah with the four laps required on the school track in the mandated mile run during physical education class.

Sprinting, jogging and even walking slowly were all elements of that exercise, she said, the comparison to academic rigors ringing a strong chord with her peers.

"I urge you to remember the struggles," said Cherry, who then emphasized the fact that she and her classmates had overcome many.

Wahconah Principal James Conro drew a chuckle from the throng when he called the Class of 2014 "wicked awesome."

Dominic Carnevale, class president, lauded the Wahconah faculty for their above-and-beyond approach to education, and the Wahconah choir helped set the mood for the day by performing superbly.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 2014

Jackson Alberti, Codi Arthur, Colin Auger, Jacob Barcher, Jasper Basiliere, MaKenna Brewer, Darrow Brown, Emily Budd, Kristy Burris, Samantha Camp, Dominic Carnevale*, Joseph Castagna, Mitchell Chapman, Lucas Charland, Eleanor Cherry, Paige Chiaretta*, Olivia Clark, Haley Conner.

Hunter Conrow, Austin Cooney*, Emma Cornwell, Patrick Culliton, Abigail Danforth, Christopher Dapson*, Ryan DeChaine, Eric Desautelle, Jenna Disbrow, Curran Doyle, Ryan Dufour*, Marcus Duncan, David Fairchild*, Morgan Francese, Catherine Fusini.

Adam Galliher, Tyler Garrett, Justin Geyer*, Matthew Geyer, Hayley Gingras, Nicole Gingras, Jacob Greene, John Greene, Hjalmar Gustafsson, Caleb Hall, Thomas Hamilton, Paige Harrington, Jeffrey Hebert, Ryan Hebert, Brianna Herforth.

Shawn Hopkins, Kate Hopper*, Alexander Horton, Amy Iwanowicz*, Adrianna Jagiello, Eric Jamross, Patrick Jamross, Joshua Kisselbrock, Stefan Kosof, Kevin Kowalczyk, Austin Labelle, Dylan Larochelle, Liam Lonergan, Albert Loveless, Heather Lucaroni.

Olivia Lussier, Mariah MacDowell, Elyshia Macphail, Matthew Maffuccio, Marley Makes, Rose May*, Caitlin McCarthy, Colin McMahon, Rachel McMahon*, Kyle Miller*, Brandan Morgan, Emily Murrin, Divya Muruga*, Holly Myers, William Myers, Benjamin Nguyen.

Zachary Ostellino, Ryan Parker*, Eli Pease, Christian Pickwell, Hannah Powell, Curran Pularo, Ryen Quail, Alexander Quintero, Alexander Reiter, MacKenzie Rice, Zoe Roberts, Jensynn Rocke, Cory Roos, Ellen Ross*, Mikaela Sadlow, Mitchell Salvini, Renee Saville.

Nathan Sears*, Michael Shaughnessy, Matthew Sheehan, Jesse Shorey, Sara Silvernail, Melissa Sirikan, Tabitha Smith, Samantha Smithies*, William Sondrini, Rachel Soules, Roger Stedman, Shannon Steele*, Monica Stegemann, Joseph Szczepaniak.

Alexys Tarjick, Austin Taylor, Kyle Taylor, Kyrsten Thibodeau*, Caterina Torchia, Jakob Touponce, Crystal Townsend, Sara Trova, Rechael Valentine, Connor Van Dyke, Jason Wagner, Ethan Wells*, KimberlyWells, Victoria White, Allyson Wood.

* National Honor Society

Wahconah Regional High School Awards & Scholarships

American Legion Auxiliary Benjamin F. Sullivan Unit #155: Medal & Award: Shannon Steele. Scholarship: Kate Hopper.

American Legion Benjamin F. Sullivan Post #155 Scholarship: Ryan Parker.

Emma Bailey Scholarships: Eric Desautelle, Cory Roos.

Town of Becket Scholarships: David Fairchild, Alexys Tarjick.

Berkshire Community College Foundation Grace Hampel Scholarship: Monica Stegemann.

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation James E. "Jamie" Bugley Scholarship Fund: Justin Geyer.

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Zenus Crane Fund Scholarships: Mitchell Chapman, Eleanor Cherry, Paige Chiaretta, Austin Cooney, Justin Geyer, Kate Hopper, Patrick Jamross, Marley Makes, Divya Muruga, Ryan Parker, MacKenzie Rice, Ellen Ross, Melissa Sirikan, Shannon Steele, Joseph Szczepaniak, Ethan Wells.

Central Berkshire Education Association Scholarships: Kate Hopper, Sara Trova.

Central Berk. Reg. School District General Academic Excellence Scholarship: Rose May.

Cora Kirchner Cooney Health Career Scholarship: Rachel McMahon.

Dalton Lions Club Scholarship: Divya Muruga.

Dalton Rotary Berkshire Community College Scholarship: Rechael Valentine.

Dalton Volunteer Fire Department Scholarships: Kate Hopper, Kyrsten Thibodeau.

Jacqueline Harrison Memorial: Alexander Horton.

Kathryn A. Hutwelker Memorial: Kyrsten Thibodeau.

Gilbert D. Kittredge Memorial: Paige Chiaretta, Emma Cornwell, Rachel McMahon, Matthew Sheehan, Kyrsten Thibodeau.

William H. and Marion D. Manning Memorial: Christian Pickwell.

Patrick J. Muraca Memorial: David Fairchild.

Velma M. O'Connell Memorial: Emily Murrin.

Robert "Boog" Powell Memorial: Patrick Jamross, Rachel McMahon, Ethan Wells.

Robert R. Powell & Joseph D. Robins Memorial: Alexys Tarjick.

Kay Sanford Memorial: Mariah MacDowell.

Dorothy Shepard Memorial: Kate Hopper.

Helen Shepard Memorial: Olivia Clark.

James "Jim" Soluri Memorial: Kyle Miller, Christian Pickwell.

Rick Stracuzzi Memorial: Patrick Jamross.

Harry A. Walton Memorial: Brianna Herforth, Sara Trova.

Carl Willey Memorial: Albert Loveless.

Richard M. Bellinger Memorial: Ethan Wells.

Sally (Nama) Billick Memorial: Mitchell Chapman.

Charles and Sadie Boraski Memorial: Dominic Carnevale, Austin Cooney, Amy Iwanowicz, Sara Trova.

William Boraski Memorial: Joseph Szczepaniak.

Patrick Brennan Memorial: Eli Pease.

Brandie Brewer-Landquist Memorial: MacKenzie Rice.

Thomas and Elaine Callahan Sr. Memorial: Shannon Steele.

William and Patricia Carey Memorial: Ellen Ross.

Peter R. Cimini Memorial: Morgan Francese.

Frank N. Costa Memorial: Amy Iwanowicz.

Chester H. Dodge Jr. Memorial: Ethan Wells.

Harold "Hal" Douville Memorial: Kimberly Wells.

James H. Duquette Memorial: Morgan Francese.

James Raymond Earley Memorial: Emma Cornwell.

Judith A. Farley Memorial: Eleanor Cherry.

Lindsey M. Ferrell Memorial: Morgan Francese.

Ida Flynn Memorial: Zoe Roberts.

David B. Grunow Memorial: Jakob Touponce.

Daughters of the American Revolution Award: Ethan Wells.

Western Massachusetts Council Boy Scouts' Scholarships: Curran Doyle, Marcus Duncan, Tyler Garrett, Joshua Kisselbrock, Alexander Reiter.

Greylock Credit Union "Treat Everyone Better Than They Expect" Scholarship: Sara Silvernail.

Hill Engineering Scholarship: Austin Cooney.

Hillside Agricultural Society Scholarship: Melissa Sirikan.

Ivanowsky Family Scholarship: Eric Desautelle.

Knights of Columbus #411 (David H. Carmel) Scholarships: Shannon Steele, Kyrsten Thibodeau.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarships: Austin Cooney, Patrick Jamross, Kevin Kowalczyk.

Quail and Associates Insurance LLC Scholarship: Ryen Quail.

United States Army R.O.T.C. Scholarship: Curran Doyle.

Town of Washington Scholarships: Eric Desautelle, Cory Roos.

Art Department Award: Abigail Danforth.

Attendance Award: Austin Cooney.

Business Department Award: Kimberly Wells.

Emerging Technology Department Award: Lucas Charland.

English Department Award: Ellen Ross.

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators' Association Student Achievement Award: Rose May.

Mathematics Department Award: Dominic Carnevale.

Modern and Classical Languages Awards: French: Christian Pickwell. Latin: Dominic Carnevale. Spanish: Ellen Ross.

Music Awards: Choral Award: Ryan Hebert. Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Justin Geyer. John Philip Sousa Award: Christian Pickwell.

National Merit Program, Letter of Commendation: Caitlin McCarthy.

Physical Wellness Department Awards: Ryan DeChaine, Amy Iwanowicz.

Positive Options Program Award: Albert Loveless.

Principal's Leadership Award: Dominic Carnevale.

Reading Award: Jesse Shorey.

Science Department Award: Dominic Carnevale.

Social Studies Department Award: Rose May.

Student Council Awards: Dominic Carnevale, Kyler Miller, Divya Muruga, MacKenzie Rice, Zoe Roberts, Nathan Sears, Matthew Sheehan, Sara Silvernail, Shannon Steele, Ethan Wells.

Technology Education Department Award: Colin Auger.

Wahconah Regional High School Booster Club Awards: Curran Doyle, Morgan Francese, Nicole Gingras, Brianna Herforth, Patrick Jamross, Eli Pease, Kyrsten Thibodeau, Ethan Wells.

Wahconah Regional High School
(formerly Dalton High School) Class of 1959 Scholarships:
Alexander Horton, Victoria White.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 1970 Scholarships: Kyle Miller, Shannon Steele.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 1981 Scholarship: Paige Harrington.

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 2012 Scholarships: Christopher Dapson, Caleb Hall, Alexander Quintero, Samantha Smithies, William Sondrini.

Wahconah Regional High School Inspiration Award: Austin Taylor.

Wahconah Regional High School Spirit of Inclusion Award: Benjamin Nguyen.

Salvatore Abbate Memorial: Dominic Carnevale, Eleanor Cherry, Rose May, Ellen Ross, Nathan Sears.

Mary T. Ano Memorial: Renee Saville.

Francis J. Avery Memorial: Nathan Sears.


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