War coverage slanted against Israel

Wednesday November 21, 2012

I am disappointed that coverage of the terrible crisis in the Middle East is reported so one-sidedly in The Eagle. More than 900 Hamas rockets rained down on Israeli soil in recent days. The fact that so far there have been more Palestinian casualties does not mean that Israel is the perpetrating villain. On Monday a school in Ashdod was directly hit. It happened to be empty, but the intention of the strike was clear.

The Iron Dome has intercepted rockets that could have otherwise killed many civilians. Does the fact that Israel’s defense system is successful in protecting the 4.5 million citizens now in direct danger from rocket assault make her an aggressor? Israel is besieged and acting as any nation would be forced to act to protect its people. Yet the bold headline in Monday’s paper read "Israel strike kills 11."

There is too much at stake on both sides of this conflict to allow biased reporting to go unnoticed. What is now going on can’t be just Israel’s fault and if the situation escalates, biased media fanning the flames of hatred will have contributed to the suffering. Balanced, reasoned reporting is urgently needed.


Great Barrington


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