Warren advocates public education

Saturday June 16, 2012

In the race for senator here in Massachusetts an issue that has received little exposure is the future of public education. Yet here the candidates differ markedly.

Elizabeth Warren attended two public universities. Scott Brown attended two private universities. Warren, a Demo crat, says, "Good public schools, good public universities, and good technical training can give us a workforce better than any in the world." And the Massachusetts Democratic Party is "committed to investing in public education because we know that it is the cornerstone of our society, our democracy, and our economic future."

Scott Brown, on the other hand, is a tea party Republican and Mitt Romney supporter. Romney recently told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that he wants to introduce marketplace dynamics into education to drive academic gains. In short, he and his supporters, like Brown, want to privatize public education with a greatly expanded voucher system -- although he never used that word, presumably because it would cost him votes.

Public education started in America and made this country the model for the world. Romney and Brown want to change that. Don’t let them.

This fall vote Democratic, for Elizabeth Warren and Presi dent Obama and for public education.




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