Warren is best, for today and future

Friday October 12, 2012

As grandparents we are going to use our vote to protect our children and grandchildren, and Massachusetts itself. That means we’ll vote for Eliza beth Warren for U.S. Senate.

Our grown children face the costs of keeping up their family home and paying for their kids’ education. Warren, who grew up poor, has spent her life writing books and teaching law to help families like ours. The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that will stop banks and credit card companies from defrauding families is her brainchild.

In contrast, Scott Brown is on the side of rich financiers and corporate power. He has voted with his Republican colleagues over 75 percent of the time (it was 93 percent of the time before Warren entered the race). Behind the scenes, he’s tried to weaken the proposed rules under the new Dodd Frank Act that are aimed at preventing banks from speculating in high-risk investments like hedge funds, the very practices that caused their collapse. He’s voted against raising funding to help low-income families with their heating bills, and against tax relief for middle class families, but has voted in favor of protecting tax breaks for the oil and gas industry.

We’re disturbed, too, to find out that Sen. Brown has voted 78 percent of the time against environmental protection (he raised his record to 64 percent against the environment last year when he saw that Warren would be his opponent). He voted with the Republican Party to block EPA permanently from ever addressing global warming pollution, a problem that, as it grows worse, will severely hamper our state’s environment and our grandchildren’s lives.

We have supported Republi cans in the past, but Elizabeth Warren is clearly the person in this race who will protect our core values.





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