We must end sacrifice of children

Thursday December 20, 2012

Certain cultures we now deem primitive and decadent sacrificed children in order to appease angry gods they believed were causing a greater evil in the land, such as famine or plague. Today are we going to allow the sacrifice of 20 innocent children and do nothing about the greater evil in society that allowed the killings in Newtown and elsewhere to occur?

The way ahead should be obvious. We need to forcefully address three problems that each contribute to these recurring tragedies.

1. The abundance and availability of guns.

2. Our handling of those with mental illness.

3. A culture that cultivates an appetite for violence in films, video games, and even some sports.

These are not insolvable problems, but we need to muster the will as a nation to tackle them. Legislation alone cannot do this. Government’s central role in making changes will have to be supported by ingenuity and enterprise coming from the business sector and imagination from the creative culture.




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