Weather does not deter the faithful at the Dalton May Day Race


DALTON -- Runners of all ages, from Berkshire County and beyond, weathered unseasonably cool temperatures and light rain while competing in the 37th Annual May Day Race on Sunday.

The race, hosted by The Dalton CRA, consisted of a 5K run, a 10K run and the Obstacles and Popsicles Children’s Race.

Dalton CRA Fitness Director Jennifer McNulty said the May Day Race is strong part of the Dalton community.

"All the Daltonians come out and run, and we get people from as far away as Chester, New York and New Hampshire, but it’s truly a Dalton community event," she said.

Every year, volunteers including the Junior Leaders from the Dalton CRA, members of the Wahconah track team and members of the Wahconah youth cheerleading team, come out to help set up the race and eagerly show their support for the runners.

Wahconah High School senior track and field athlete Chris Dapson said having several friends running in the race makes volunteering fun.

"Our coach [James McMahon] and a lot of our teammates are running in [the race], so that makes us want to come out and help and support them," he said.

One of the teammates he came out to support, Eric Klem, captured the 5K race with a time of 18.06. Lanesborough’s David Wilson won the 10K race with a time of 40.19.

On the women’s side, Nicole Gamberoni won the 10K with a time of 44.25. In the 5K, Victoria Gamberoni narrowly edged out Maria Gamberoni, finishing first with a time of 21.33.

Dalton CRA Executive Director Alison Peters said the race grows every year. She added that she was pleased with Sunday’s turnout despite non-ideal conditions.

The 152 pre-registers for the children’s race was a race record. Overall, Peters said the 73 pre-registers for the 5K, 44 pre-registers for the 10K, and the more than 100 walk-up signees on race day, exceeded last year’s numbers and shows the strength of the racing community.

"We have a really close-knit community so we have a lot of people to turn to," she said.

Peters also credited the Wahconah school district and the leadership of the youth volunteers for helping the race run smoothly.

"We have a really huge support system in Dalton," she said. "Everybody helps each other out. I think people really believe in what we do, and that’s why they come out."

Klem, a junior at Wahconah Regional, said he did not mind the weather, en route to winning the 5K with a time of xxx. He said he’s been participating in the May Day race since he was a kid, and to finally win the was special.

"It’s really nice, I love this race," he said. "It was nice and cool and the wind wasn’t too bad."

In the 10K, Wilson finished first with a time of xxx. He said he used the windy conditions to his advantage.

"I feel lucky to win," he said. "The gusts [of wind] made it harder, but they help when you’re running with them [at your back]."

As the 10K runners started reaching the finish line, the Obstacles and Popsicles race started

Children ages four to 12 navigated mazes and other obstacles for the ultimate reward -- a popsicle.

Wilson said the children’s’ race is the highlight of the day for him.

"In my opinion, perhaps the most awesome thing about this event today is the kids’ races," he said. "It introduces a lot of kids to running and physical activity, and hopefully imparts a lifelong love of the sport."

5K winners

Mens -- Overall: 1. Eric Klem 18.06; 2. Ryan McMahon 18.17; 3. Brandon Williams 18.20. 18 and Under: 1. Kevin Kowlaczyk 20.48; 2. P.J. Palmer 21.06; 3. Mike Hurby. 19-29: 1. Jake Cooney 25.22; 2. Greg Boino 26.18; 3. William Munch. 30-39: 1. Jeremy Trager 22.45; 2. Adam Kent 24.51; 3. Brian Pickard 25.14. 40-49: 1. Kevin Crosier 21.42; 2. Jake Eberwein 21.54; 3. Mark Daley 22.15. 50-59: 1. Blaine Freadman 19.45; 2. Brian Gordon 22.05; 3. Paul Shepardson 22.53. 60-69: 1. Randy Brewer 22.51; 2. Joseph Williams Jr. 27.23. 70 and up: 1. Al Daly 36.25. Womens -- Overall: 1. Victoria Gamberoni 21.33; 2. Maria Gamberoni 21.38; 3. Haley Crosier 22.23. 18 and Under: 1. Bethany Houle 23.08; 2. Haley Pickard 23.44; 3. Isabelle Hauge 24.53. 19-29: 1. Nina Kovacs 24.48; 2. Jackie Rilla 25.43; 3.Charlene Lamb 26.04. 30-39: 1. Theresa Williams 24.55; 2. Amy Dunbar 27.26; 3. Sally Dodge 28.30. 40-49: Aimee Lennon 1. 29.21; 2. Besty Salnetti 29.25; 3. Anne Ronaye 30.10. 50-59: 1. Libby Webb 29.05; 2. Karen Bradley 35.20; 3. Carol Simisky 37.11.

10K winners

Mens -- Overall: 1. David Wilson 40.19; 2. Steve Roberts 40.36; 3. Nathan Sears 40.56. 18 and Under: 1. Shamus White 44.1; 2. Chris Gerard 47.09; 3. Jackson Alberti 47.12. 19-29: 1. Ted Okun 49.56. 30-39: 1. Mike Giulian 42; 2. Jeffrey Pike 44.47; 3. Mark Rumbutis 57.03; 40-49: 1. Paul Gage 42.14; 2. Matthew Kerwood 46.31; 3. Tim Mulligan 49.06. 60-69: 1. Ace Curtiss 44.5; 2. Ed Saharezewski 55.35; 3. Dennis Turner 64.05. 70 and up: 1. Vic LaPort 58.11. Womens -- Overall: 1. Nicole Gamberoni 44.25; 2. Jen Ward 44.47; 3. Tracy Candilore 46.18. 18 and under: 1. Lindsay Perrea 48.26; 2. Hailey Kirchner 62.47; 3. Aryianna Garceau 69.1. 19-29: 1. Ashley Wetherell 49.41; 2. Hannah Bushway 53.2; 3. Stephanie Burtt 53.28. 30-39: 1. Collen O’Donnell 48.29; 2. Patricia Molina 49.51; 3. Aleisha Gibbons 50.24. 40-49: 1. Carmel Kushi 47.11; 2. Amy Pharmer 54.56; 3. Tanya Shepardson 59.05. 50-59: 1. Lisa Mattila 49.5; 2. Tammy Charbonneau 51.16; 3. Suzanna Long 55.02. 60-69: 1. Cynthia Gardner 46.48.

Obstacles and Popsicles -- Boys: 4 and Under: 1. Kesler Anello 6:10. 5 Year Old: Cooper Calvert 4:19. 6 Year Old: Sam McLaughlin 4:50. 7 Year Old: Declan Rogers 3:59. 8 Year Old: Declan Rogers 3:59. 9 Year Old: Jesse Chapman: 8:32. 10 Year Old: Drew Wendling 7:59. 11 Year Old: Jayden Kople 7:58. 12 Year Old: Hunter Wilcox 8:42. Girls: 4 and Under: Miranda White 5:55. 5 Year Old: Anna Doyle 4:49. 6 Year Old: Phalyn Renderer 4:40. 7 Year Old: Arianna Roots 4:54; 8 Year Old: Olivia Gamberoni 3:41; 9 Year Old: Ella Massenior 9:32. 10 Year Old: Anna Madden 9:19. 11 Year Old: Marley Gamberoni 8:57. 12 Year Old: Elisa Dilisio 9:10.

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