Wells made the Berkshires better

Wednesday October 3, 2012

It was with great sadness that I read in the Oct. Eagle of Rob ert Wells' passing. Although I worked and lived out of the area for over 30 years, when I returned in 1998, he was one of the people I readily came to recognize. I did not personally know him, but he was such a robust personality from his wheelchair it was hard not to notice him.

After reading his background in today's paper, a thought came to me. He was a Berkshire man who served the Berkshires proudly. Other institutions in the county could well take a lesson here. Hire, mentor, promote locally. The county would benefit greatly if local individuals follow Mr. Wells' example.

Individuals hired from outside the area may not have the same impetus to give back to the county as those who have hometown roots. I can only name a few other individuals in the business world here that I readily recognize, and they also seem to be Berkshire-born.

Mr. Wells' family should be so proud of the legacy he has left behind. May he continue to be an inspiration to all.




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