What Mitt doesn't know, we must not forget

Sunday September 23, 2012


‘Well," said Mitt Romney to his political advisers in the voice of the late Oliver Hardy, "here's another fine mess you've gotten me into."

The campaign for the presidency has almost turned into a tragic comedy as framed by world events taking place outside their usual parameters. President Barack Oba ma is trying to juggle Middle East ern and African nations into a magical semblance of order while candidate Mitt Rom ney, despite his experience hunting small critters, is taking potshots before taking aim.

The ridiculous film that started the whole imbroglio has achieved its purpose in spades. Its concocters and purpose have been illuminated by dribs and drabs so that we can now infer that the whole purpose was further disruption of any American-Islamic detente that might keep the Middle East from exploding into war between Israel and any of the adjoining nations with the guts to follow up on any of their lethal threats.

Romney keeps crowing that we are No. 1 in the world and have the military might to prove it to any doubting soul. Anybody who crosses us, he implies, is going to get what for. If he gets elected, the military is going to get sprinkles on their ice cream cones.

Obama, as president, is trying to get us out of our present military impasse and prevent any others from starting. Each of them is obviously thinking right now of votes rather than world peace, but Obama is showing the greater restraint.


Whenever he gets in a jam, which has been happening too often, Romney defaults into his "Where are the jobs?" routine or "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" And now he has the addition of the "47 per cent of poor people who wouldn't vote for me anyway." It makes you wonder why.

Romney keeps talking about adding 12 million new jobs, but when he says it he looks as if he has no more idea of where they might come from than we do.

The thing that bothers me most right now is that even though Romney is reportedly worth $250 million he has no clue as to what is really happening in our country and the world around us. His money has lots of global experience because he has deposited it in every low-tax nation in the world, including places where our money is looked on favorably while we are cursed with a venom that is almost poetic in its viciousness.

It is possible that there will never be peace between Israel and its neighbors and that ultimately it will boil down to a war in which either Israel is pushed back into the sea or Arab nations are nuked into quietude.


That is why the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons is so crucial despite the minor status of the nations involved. The big guys used to rule the world until the little guys had weapons to equalize the difference in sizes and physical strengths. Iran has the advantage of being run by people who would have no qualms about nuking anywhere.

And that is why I worry about the possibility of Rom ney getting control of a vast, battle-hardened army and weapons that can poison the world as we know it. The man has never been in the trenches of real life and considers a $200,000 yearly income the norm for the middle class. He is also now in the circle of some of the neocons who advised George W. Bush so badly.

The Republican Party seems to have lost all contact with reality as well as the people who don't think the way they do. Here we are in 2012, split down the middle on who has control of a woman's body. The tea party segment is incapable of rational thought and has gone all out to control our bodies as well as other aspects of our personal lives. They have browbeaten the moderate segment of their party into the surrender of common sense, fairness and concern for the general public. No compromise has been their motto and they are carrying that out to a tee.


We must never forget that George W. Bush inherited a surplus of $86 billion from Bill Clinton and left a $642 billion deficit for Barack Obama. We must never forget who entangled us in two wars that were fought on credit and false pretenses. We must never forget it because they seem to have no remembrance of what they did and what it cost. Now is the time to make them remember how many dead and wounded, both military and civilian, they have on their consciences. And take away any possibility of them doing it again.

Milton Bass is a regular Eagle


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