What to do when you're snowed in: Berkshire County edition

Local school kids weren't the only ones who got a day off during Tuesday's significant snow storm. Lots of grown-ups were also advised to stay home for the day and avoid traveling.

So what did they do? We asked our readers and got nearly 150 written responses and photos via Facebook, that ranged from student Ethan McGuire posting, "I'm just sitting at home enjoying my day off," to Adams-based travel agent Matthew Davis writing about "quoting and booking Disney vacations all day."

Nothing eases the bite of a blustery day like a warm kitchen and comfort foods to eat, so it's no wonder why a lot of you took to the oven and stove top to work your magic.

With Tuesday being March 14 or 3.14, better known as "Pi Day" in honor of the infinite mathematical constant, Jenell Pullaro, Erin Milne and Becki Beron baked pies; Beron noting how she, "Made mini chocolate Oreo pies. Happy Pi Day!"

Matthew Tucker of Adams and his family raised the bar by baking for different types of pie, "which proved both a great indoor activity for the kids, and a nice house warmer," he said. Next storm, we'll gladly take an invitation from any of the above.

In Pittsfield, Tammy Deane-Parent baked carrot cake muffins AND brownies, while Melissa Myers managed to do her baking AND her taxes. Brenda Torchio of Brenda & Company Catering in Pittsfield made 70 lunches and dinners for Eversource employees.

While the cooks of the county made soups of all kind, shepherd's pie, quiche and various Crock-Pot creations. Juan Bocel went all out with, "Wine, music and Latino food."

Some of you were responsible adults, taking on spring cleaning chores of cleaning refrigerators, doing laundry, and excavating closets.

While others imbibed beverages of all kinds (beer, coffee, hot cocoa, ruby red cosmos), as well as played video and online games (Words with Friends, the new Ghost Recon: Wildlands). There was also time for puzzles to be pieced together and good old fashioned board games to be played (chess, cards, Rummikub). And a few newer games too.

"My wife and I fought orcs and undead and escaped Shelob's Lair playing the Lord of the Rings card game today," said Tim Callahan of Pittsfield.

Blankets were knitted, hats were crocheted and other kinds of crafts were made, as well as fires in fireplaces. Teachers corrected papers and filled out report cards, while students caught up on homework and writing papers. Television, streaming apps and Netflix also kept you occupied.

And whether by e-reader or printed page, many books were read. Veronica Bosley of North Adams finished "The Thing About Jellyfish" by local author Ali Benjamin. Chris Kelley read "Right Behind You" by Lisa Gardner.

In between baking blueberry muffins and napping, Maeghie Donahue posted, "Snow days are the perfect, guilt-free time to spend the day curled up with a little dog and a good book! I'm currently reading "The Art Forger" by Barbara A. Shapiro. Mace [her son] has spent the day working on his project for the 9th Annual Geography Expo next week. He chose Dubai this year."

A few Berkshire snowbirds and former residents shared pics and stories of sandy Florida beaches and sunshine, but a plethora of people here shared tales, both harrowing and humorous, of playing and skiing in, and plowing and shoveling out snow.

Paul Monterosso of Pittsfield said he spent the day, "Working, swearing lots of swearing. Snow blowing, shoveling, stuck car, more swearing and ending the day by swearing some more. Lol."

Warren Harrison, "Made a run for wood pellets, water and generator gas. Returned in the worst of the weather. Filling generator only to find it doesn't want to start (test run)," but then managed to end the day with hot soup from the Lee Big Y, and some television and Facebook posting.

Some of you nursed colds or ended up in urgent care clinics, while others looked out for neighbors, and helped cleared sidewalks and storm drains.

Others yet took quiet treks on snowy trails, made snow angels and other frosty creations. Carolyn Marcel embraced her inner child and stopped to swing on the swings at Springside Park.

For many of you, the best part of being snowed in seemed to be having an extra day to spend time with family or catching up with friends.

"We are all home today," said Kandy Munson, whose husband typically works on weekends, "so it is a great family day here."

A couple of you had indoor picnics. Debbie Fassell's included fresh flowers and a checkered tablecloth and the family dogs as guests in her Hinsdale home. Casey Jones' kids hosted a picnic in Great Barrington after her 5-year-old led "school" and "dentist."

"Funny that they wanted to pretend to do what we missed by having a 'snow day,'" Jones posted.

After reading everyone's posts Marge Hover wrote, "I love the New England spirit! Me time, family time celebrated ... and no one is complaining. Y'all rock!"


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