When the Legislature is in session


Some years ago, when I mentioned that it was time to renew my firearms identification card, a knowledgeable friend recommended that I get a Class A Large Capacity License instead. I did so, although I then had, and presently have, no desire to own a weapon for which such a license is required. I do own a Ruger 22 rifle, which has a stock magazine holding 10 rounds. This awesome weapon is suitable for shooting paper targets and dangerous game like rats, rabbits, and woodchucks. My friend pointed out that the legislature could come in one night and quietly change the present law, which permits up to 10 rounds, down to, say, seven rounds, and thereby make me a criminal without me even knowing it.

Good advice! That is exactly what the New York Legislature has done: seven rounds. Furthermore, they not only made it illegal to own such a gun, or sell it within the state, but also required people to somehow get rid of existing ones they own within one year. This is confiscation, a policy that even gun control advocates disavow. The 10 round limit was expressly designed to cover the widely owned Ruger 22. I have no idea where they got the seven-round number.

"No Man's life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session." Variously attributed to Mark Twain, Will Rogers, and others, but so true wherever it came from.




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