With Schedule: Pittsfield's student walkers can catch buses through Friday


Photo Gallery: Pittsfield Schools add buses for walkers

PITTSFIELD -- Another deep freeze, another warm bus ride for dozens of city children who walk to school.

Through Friday, the Pittsfield Public Schools will provide transportation for students who are usually ineligible for busing to combat the latest blast of arctic air, city school officials said on Tuesday.

With forecasters predicting sub-zero temperatures for the morning commute, the service will be offered to and from the schools with the most walkers of the city's 12 schools.

Morningside, Conte, Crosby and Egremont elementary school students, along with those attending both middle schools and Pittsfield High School, can hop aboard buses.

First implemented during the cold snap on Jan. 7 and 8, the strategy involved running a second wave of buses, each with an administrator or teacher on board, assuring them it was safe to board the bus. Initially, students were picked up while walking to school, but this is a set schedule that is in place, according to Kristen Behnke, assistant superintendent for business and finance, who oversees busing in the district.

"We have established pick-up points and times for both the morning and afternoon," Behnke said.

In addition, the bus service no longer requires school personnel to ride along.

"We've done this before and announced in advance [to parents]," she noted. "It won't be anything else but Pittsfield school buses picking up the students."

City school officials have said they plan to review the effectiveness of the interim plan, eventually asking the School Committee to adopt it as a permanent district policy.

  • School
  • Location, Morning pickup/Afternoon dropoff 
  • Wahconah and Briggs 8:00/3:20 
  • Stoddard and Pleasure 8:05/3:25 
  • Brown and Springside 8:10/3:30 
  • Plunkett and Tyler 8:15/3:35 
  • Fenn and Third 8:20/3:40 
  • Second and Lake 8:25/3:45 

Pittsfield High 
  • Columbus and Robbins 6:45/2:35 
  • Second and Fenn 6:50/2:30 
  • Elm and Reuter 6:55/2:40 

  • Elm and Ontario 7:00/2:35 
  • Newell and Lyman 7:05/2:40 
  • Howard and Dawes 7:10/2:45 

  • Mohawk and Wahconah 7:00/2:35 
  • Dower Square 7:05/2:40 
  • Linden and Seymour 7:10/2:45 
  • Conte Circular and Robbins 8:10/3:20 
  • Bradford and Daniels 8:15/3:25 
  • Danforth and Francis 8:20/3:30 


  • Riverview Homes 8:15/3:25 
  • 10 Francis 8:20/3:30 
  • Euclid and Catherine 8:25/3:20 
  • Egremont Elm and Belvidere 8:00/3:25 
  • Lyman and Newell 8:10/3:30 
  • Howard and Dawes 8:15/3:35 
  • Malcolm and Stratford 8:20/3:40


  • Circular and Robbins 8:10/3:20
  • Bradford and Daniels 8:15/3:25
  • Danforth and Francis 8:20/3:30


  • Elm and Belvedere 8:00/3:25
  • Lyman and Newell 8:10/3:30
  • Howard and Dawes 8:15/3:35
  • Malcolm and Stratford 8:20/3:40


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