Witness: Chalue said victims were ‘tortured beyond torture'


SPRINGFIELD -- "They were tortured beyond torture," David Chalue said about the three Pittsfield men he is accused of killing, according to a fellow inmate of Chalue's.

Jason Lemieux testified in Hampden Superior Court today that in September 2011 he was being held on multiple charges of assault and battery and other crimes when he met Chalue at the Berkshire County House of Correction. Chalue, 47, had recently been arrested on three counts each of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation in connection with the killings of David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell.

Lemieux, 32, said he and Chalue spent recreational time together and Chalue began telling him about his case. Lemieux said he had been unaware of Chalue's charges until a fellow inmate told him.

He testified that Chalue, in bits and pieces, told him about the case and what happened to the victims. "He said they were cut up," Lemieux told the jury.

The witness said he was surprised that Chalue was telling him about the case and was "shocked" by what he heard.

"He thought it was a joke -- thought it was funny," he said. "I took it like he kind of liked to brag."

On one occasion, Chalue said the Berkshire District Attorney's case was falling apart and joked about sending them a box of Band-Aids, Lemieux said.

The witness told his family about it, who urged him to go to law enforcement, but he hesitated because he was afraid for his safety. He eventually did.

Lemieux said he took a plea bargain in his case in October 2012 and was sentenced to 3 1/2 to 6 years in state prison, was paroled out and is currently under house arrest.

His testimony continues this afternoon.

The first witness of the day, Christopher Letalien, also spent time with Chalue at the Berkshire House of Correction in September 2011. He told the jury while being held at the Segregation Unit at the facility for fighting, he was in a confrontation with Chalue for getting a special privilege taken away.

"He told me he had one body. Not only did he have one body, he had three bodies," Letalien recounted Chalue saying. "He made them disappear and 14 days later they were found cut up in the bottom of a hole."

Letalien, 29, said Chalue was yelling, spit flying from his mouth, and "his eyes went black." He said he was kind of scared by Chalue's behavior.

Under cross-examination, the witness admitted to a long record of convictions going back to 1999, that he had previously worked for police as an informant and that he told a friend his lawyer told him he could get his pending gun and breaking and entering charges tossed if he cooperated with the DA's Office.


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