Woman admits to 'stupid plan' of drunkenly confronting her daughter's alleged bully, assaulting 3 teens


PITTSFIELD — Rhianna Randall admitted to taking part in what her lawyer called, "a stupid plan," with a former Dalton police officer to confront her daughter's bully.

Before it was over, Randall assaulted three teens; one 16-year-old male and a pair of 14-year-old females.

Her estranged husband James Scace, at the time a Dalton police officer, still faces charges in the case.

Randall admitted she was highly intoxicated during the incident in Dalton's Petricca gravel pit on October 24.

She had gotten word that someone who had been harassing and bullying her daughter via social media would be there.

According to Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Rachael Eramo, Randall and Scace entered the pit area with flashlights yelling they were the police and ordering the teens on to the ground.

Witnesses suggest there may have been other adults participating, but only Scace and Randall have been charged.

Randall's attorney, Richard LeBlanc said the plan was to catch the teens drinking and tell them to leave the young lady alone.

Instead, Randall slapped the 16-year-old across the face, grabbed one of the 14-year-olds and yelled, "a variety of names," at her and punched the other in the head three times.

Randall said she had no clear memory of the events due to her intoxication, but based on the grand jury testimony and witness statements, had no grounds to dispute the charges, either.

Randall said she remembered being called, "bad names," by the 16-year-old, but doesn't remember slapping him.

LeBlanc said any defenses he may have been able to present if the case had gone to trial were "tenuous," at best.

Eramo argued for an 18-month sentence, six months of which to be served directly, with the balance suspended for two years while Randall had no contact with the victims, refrained from alcohol and submitted to testing, among other conditions.

Eramo said the families of the victims were disturbed by the fact an adult had laid hands on their children and were supportive of a sentence which involved jail time.

LeBlanc argued for her charges to be continued without a finding with a period of probation, based the circumstances, including Randall's lack of any criminal record.

"What happened wasn't right," LeBlanc said. "Nobody is saying it is."

Judge John Agostini said continuing the case wasn't appropriate, but didn't go so far as to impose incarceration.

Randall pleaded guilty to three counts of assault and battery and one count of disturbing the peace.

She was placed on two years probation during which time she must avoid alcohol, undergo testing and counseling and have no contact with the victims.

LeBlanc said Randall has moved to New York state and her probation will be supervised there.

Scace, who has two open criminal matters, was fired from the Dalton Police Department in March.

He has been indicted on charges connected to the same incident to which Randall pleaded guilty and is tentatively scheduled for trial in that matter in November.

Meanwhile, Scace was arraigned in July on separate charges of two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count each of strangulation, witness intimidation and assault and battery on a family or household member.

A pretrial hearing in that case is scheduled for October 12.

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