Wrong diagnosis on Lee's CTSB

Thursday January 3, 2013

CTSB, the local television station in Lee, airs a variety of interesting, informative programs, including medical interviews, music shows, sports events, and many other topics. These shows emit pleasure and knowledge about a variety of subjects. CTSB deserves credit for doing a great job. Congratulations for a job well done!

I rarely watch the show Walkabout that is produced by Dee Dee Consolati but I did recently tune in as I had been forewarned that I was a topic on this show.

There were errors galore. She spoke about the outdoor café planned in the alley between the Morgan House and the Greylock Credit Union building on Main Street in Lee. The last time I looked, the Dresser-Hull building was sandwiched between these two buildings so I guess it was a case of carelessness and that Dee Dee meant the outdoor café was planned in the alley between the Morgan House and Dresser-Hull!

Dee Dee also stated that Edward Navin died, brother of Beverly Navin Trombley and Dolores I. Eckert. I guess she forgot brother William Navin, who also resides in Lee. She then went on to explain that I was currently a patient in a Boston hospital awaiting a pair of lungs due to Mesothelioma! This is interesting news because I do not have nor have I ever suffered with Mesothelioma!

The show ended with the wording, "Deidre Consolati is Happily Responsible for All the Contents!" Doesn’t the word responsible infer that the information is true? Where did Dee Dee get this bogus information about my personal, medical diagnosis? If an individual calls any hospital to obtain medical information about anyone, it is refused by the hospital personnel. Privacy is guaranteed to protect every patient.

What is the purpose of sitting before the camera and thinking you have the right to gossip endlessly about residents in Lee without a clue whether or not the tale is true? I sincerely hope that I NEVER hear my name on the show again!




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