Wrong votes on voke construction

Thursday October 25, 2012

I’m wondering how the Pittsfield School Committee as well as the City Council can vote in favor of having the Taconic high school carpentry department students build a house for the secretary to the assistant superintendent Frank Cote, free of charge. I believe that this information should be made public to the good citizens of Pittsfield who work, own property and pay taxes. I would also like to hear the mayor’s response and explanation as to why he voted in favor of this clearly unethical situation. Let’s see some of that transparency we heard all about.

This job should go back out to bid and the students’ hard work should go to a cause that would benefit more of the community not just one connected person. To think Mayor Ruberto had to hire a lawyer and face an ethics commission for taking some Red Sox tickets. We’re talking about at least a hundred thousand dollars here.




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