Young must cherish individuality

Saturday September 8, 2012

Every year when children start school, their first year and otherwise, I believe it’s important for them to know that as helpful as it is for them to be supported by their teachers and parents it’s equally important for them to have their own support. Courage and confidence from their own hearts. How valuable self-assurance and self-confidence are in one’s life.

From the moment we’re born, each one of us is our own person. Each one of us is an individual. It’s not something that starts when you turn 18 and head for college or the military. Not something that begins when you have a family of your own or get first job. It’s something that starts the moment we’re put on this earth.

As children we’re taught right from wrong, disciplined, and provided for. Some of us live in loving, nurturing homes, some in abusive homes. But that does not change the fact that everyone is his and her own person. And no matter what ignorance we sometimes have to deal with, a person’s individuality is priceless.

To every child as they start their new year in school, I say live your life the finest and fullest you can. Never try to be perfect, because nobody is. Just be the best you can be and let nobody make you feel like you’re nothing. Everyone’s special in their own way. And anyone who refuses to accept your way of being special, even if it’s someone you know well including someone in your family, let it be their problem because it is. Don’t make it your problem because it’s not.

Your childhood is yours. By believing in yourself and doing the things you love to do (whether it’s something you have in common with someone or not), you’re making your childhood work the way your heart calls you to do it. Everybody has a calling. And only you know what that calling is.

Search high and low for your dreams until you find them. Never give up on what you believe in. Love is the essence of all that’s unique. And for the sake of all that dwells within you making you the decent person you are, never be afraid to smile.




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