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Art movement in the Berkshires offers fun, exciting workout options

05/28/2015 01:49 PM EDT
For 36-year-old Charlene Candiloro, becoming a hula hoop instructor was a happy accident. 
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Strange but True: 'Speciesist' holds humans above all
05/28/2015 01:48 PM EDT - Q: We know all too well about sexists, nationalists, racists — now we have "confessions of a speciesist. Full Story

Let your mortarboard tell your story
05/28/2015 09:33 PM EDT - It's hard to stand out at graduation when dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your classmates are dressed in identical caps and gowns. Full Story

Short Answers: Gift is not worth the price
05/28/2015 01:47 PM EDT - RETURN TO SENDER Dear Short Answers: A distant relative recently passed away and the man's daughter (my second cousin) asked me if there was anything that I would like as a memento of my "uncle. Full Story

Go Green: Disposing of CFL light bulbs
05/28/2015 01:47 PM EDT - In this column, staff at the Center for EcoTechnology offer advice on easy ways for people — and businesses — to introduce green changes in their daily lives. Full Story

Backyard poultry: How to successfully raise chickens in your own yard
05/22/2015 01:04 PM EDT - Pittsfield — Have you been dreaming of harvesting your own farm-fresh eggs? Full Story

Strange but True: A smile can change your attitude
05/22/2015 12:53 PM EDT - Q: How you feel can affect whether you're smiling or not. But how about the reverse? Full Story

Short Answers: Love him — or leave him
05/22/2015 12:52 PM EDT - Dear Short Answers >> My husband (age 72) seems to be chronically depressed or have a mood disorder. Full Story

Strange but True: Shakespeare's love, use of four-letter words
05/14/2015 12:59 PM EDT - Q: How given to four-letter words was William Shakespeare, and who might have cared about such a question anyhow? Full Story

Emma, Noah most popular baby names of 2014
05/14/2015 12:59 PM EDT - WASHINGTON >> Emma is back. After slipping from the top of the most popular baby names six years ago, Emma was back at No. Full Story

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Officials say those Boston snow piles are even more vile

BOSTON (AP) — It's disgusting enough to put you off snow cones for the rest of the summer. A Boston public works official says the towering piles of filthy snow left over from the city's record-setting winter are even more grotesque than most people can imagine. Full Story
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Historic Gay Head Lighthouse completes 135-foot move

AQUINNAH, Mass. (AP) — A historic Martha's Vineyard lighthouse arrived at its new location on Saturday after a painstaking 135-foot move from the edge of an eroding cliff. Full Story
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Dustin Diamond bar fight: Former TV star guilty of lesser charges

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. (AP) -- TV actor Dustin Diamond was convicted Friday of two misdemeanors stemming from a barroom fight, but a Wisconsin jury cleared the former "Saved by the Bell" actor of the most serious felony charge.