Sean McHugh | Eclectic Autodidact: 'Traditional' workday woes

02/03/2016 04:24 PM EST
With the start of the New Year, a strange conjunction occurred. As my 10-hour holiday shifts dropped away, my work schedule subtly altered to a more "traditional" American 9 to 5 work day. 
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Things to do in the Berkshires, Feb. 4
02/04/2016 10:09 AM EST - Iiiiiittt's Groundhog Day! Just kidding. That's already come and, thankfully, gone. Full Story

Drury senior Alyssa Richardson to open for award-winning musician Matt Cusson tonight
01/28/2016 05:27 AM EST - NORTH ADAMS — Tonight's the kind of night Alyssa Richardson has been working toward all of her life: Stepping out onto a stage to perform music at a sold-out show. Full Story

Things to do in the Berkshires, Jan. 28
01/27/2016 04:37 PM EST - Happy Thursday, dear readers, and welcome (almost) to the weekend! There's plenty of happenings out there to get you out of the house. Full Story

Things to do in the Berkshires, Jan. 21
01/22/2016 03:57 PM EST - Winter is definitely giving us the cold shoulder, but there are a lot of hot happenings here in the Berkshires. Full Story

Things to do in the Berkshires, Jan. 14
01/14/2016 06:24 AM EST - The days are just flying by. Here we are, already heading into the third weekend of the new year. Full Story

Sean McHugh | Eclectic Autodidact: Embracing the 'new' New England winter
01/13/2016 05:02 PM EST - Well folks, I think it's time to give up on our concept of winter. A bleak, brown season with the occasional apocalyptic ice storm is going to be the new normal, and clinging to nostalgia for the peaceful snow dappled winters of yore with their regular and gentle flurries is only going to hurt us more. Full Story

Things to do in the Berkshires, Jan. 7
01/07/2016 06:53 AM EST - Happy New Year, dear readers, and welcome to a more seasonable winter. Though it's tempting to want to weather the weather curled up in blankets on the couch or cozied up by a fireplace, there's also a lot happening around and about our Berkshire towns. Full Story

Things to do in the Berkshires, Dec. 31
12/31/2015 11:51 AM EST - Happy last day of 2015, dear readers. My, how 365 days and nights fly! In case you missed it, and you're looking for some last-minute ideas for ringing in 2016, you can find last week's roundup of New Year's Eve parties here: http://ow. Full Story

Sean McHugh | Eclectic Autodidact: Viral story misses town's real issues
12/23/2015 03:23 PM EST - By now I'm sure you've heard the story of Woodland, N.C., the town that banned solar farms out of fears that they would use up all the sun. Full Story

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Beyonce's new song boosts Red Lobster's business

Beyonce mentions Red Lobster in 'Formation,’ which got the chain restaurant lots of attention on social media.