• Taylor Swift goes pop in new album - 10/30/2014 04:55 PM EDT
    Sean McHugh: Toning down our 'outrage culture'

    Internet, social media often spark dramatic, heightened reactions that can be unhealthy
    10/29/2014 04:33 PM EDT
    Where others find the psychic space above their shoulders occupied by angelic and diabolic antagonists that strive to sway their actions in toward a prescribed path of morality, I face a different tableau of ephemeral influences. 
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    Things to do in the Berkshires
    10/29/2014 04:33 PM EDT - Congratulations! You've made it to the end of the week, well, almost. Why not start planning all the ways you're going to get out of the house this weekend and celebrate Halloween? Full Story

    Don't just stand there, run — or at least vote
    10/29/2014 04:33 PM EDT - While Halloween may be seen as a big day coming up, there are other parties at work preparing for Tuesday, Nov. Full Story

    New look for 'The 413'
    10/22/2014 05:36 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD >> The 413 is going underground. Or at least inside. As you can see today, this section has found a new home as part of the paper's redesign. Full Story

    Halloween happenings in the Berkshires
    10/23/2014 01:26 PM EDT - The October nights are getting colder but Halloween season is just heating up in the Berkshires. Full Story

    Things to do in the Berkshires
    10/16/2014 12:10 AM EDT - zombie crawl For the fifth time, hordes of zombies will lurch through the streets of Pittsfield’s Upstreet Cultural District on Saturday. Full Story

    Berkshires After Dark: A special night in the Berkshires
    10/16/2014 08:14 AM EDT - LEE -- As I left Hudson, N.Y., to drive to Stockbridge at 5:45 p.m., dusk's desaturation of the visible world swept around the car and cast me in a shadowy panorama. Full Story

    What to do in the Berkshires this week
    10/09/2014 02:12 AM EDT - musical ode This holiday weekend, Barrington Stage Company presents Ethan Lipton's "No Place to Go," "the Obie Award-winning musical ode to the unemployed," at 8 p. Full Story

    Sean McHugh: Trendiness of a life gluten-free
    10/09/2014 12:10 AM EDT - A friend of mine can’t eat gluten, so when game night comes up, someone has to make sure there are some snacks available that won’t give him painful indigestion. Full Story

    Fall into fashion
    10/09/2014 08:52 AM EDT - PITTSFIELD -- This weekend the city will be filled with color, beauty and fun, and we're not just talking about the fall foliage. Full Story