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Columnist James Brooke writes: "Clipping the wings of Himars rocket launchers sent to Ukraine, the Biden administration made hardware and software fixes to prevent rockets from reaching Russia. American officials apparently forgot that in the Soviet era, Ukrainian engineers designed and built intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting New York."

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A Massachusetts man accused of saying “Go back to China” to a family of Asian descent and then twice striking one of them with his car has been released with conditions. At a court hearing Thursday, 77-year-old John Sullivan of Quincy was deemed by a judge to be dangerous. He was nonetheless released to home confinement with GPS monitoring, with exceptions for medical and court appointments. Sullivan had been held without bail since his arrest Dec. 2. He has pleaded not guilty to several charges including assault and battery to intimidate based on race, a hate crime. Sullivan’s attorney said his client disputes the allegations.

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The Justice Department’s inspector general has released its report on the 2018 beating death of notorious gangster James “Whitey” Bulger at the hands of fellow inmates at a federal prison in West Virginia. The internal watchdog finds multiple layers of management failures, widespread incompetence and flawed policies at the Bureau of Prisons. The report says at least six bureau workers should be disciplined. The 89-year-old Bulger, who also was an FBI informant, was killed in his cell hours after he arrived at the troubled West Virginia prison. The Justice Department has charged three men in the case. Bulger spent 16 years as one of America’s most wanted figures before he was captured.

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A bylaw that allows anyone, regardless of gender, to go topless on Nantucket’s beaches has been approved by the Massachusetts attorney general’s office. In its decision Tuesday, the office said the resort island's Gender Equality on Beaches measure does not conflict with the state constitution. Residents passed the bylaw amendment at a town meeting by a vote of 327-242. It was originally proposed by seventh-generation Nantucket resident Dorothy Stover, who said it was about equity. On its website, the town urged patience during an adjustment period.

Jennifer Huberdeau writes: "In late October 2022, I stand in the Marie-Josee and Henry Kravis Studio, on the forth floor of MoMA, in awe and contemplation as I stare at the remains of the Doris Duke Theatre. Here, a wall and a reconfigured theatrical grid are part of the aptly titled exhibition, “Studio/Theatre.” My nose burns when I get too near, a faint smell of smoke still lingers on the wall’s wooden boards."

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow's concert billed as a “presale” event for a multi-faceted project that includes a live album and a documentary film, each of will be completed early next year. Fans at the concert will learn how they can register to purchase the materials directly from the artists and filmmakers.


It's been a week where corporate management in delivering corporate quarterly results has been sounding a warning that a recession is coming. Many managers are predicting gloomy sales, cost-cutting, and laying off an increasing number of workers.

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