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At the darkest hour in the toughest conditions, these Southern Berkshire emergency responders embodied the grit and bravery sometimes required to answer the call of duty. Last week, that call beckoned from within a storm that could stop a snowmobile in its tracks — but it couldn't stop these rescuers. For that, they have our sincere gratitude.

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A former Haitian mayor has been charged with lying on his U.S. visa application. The arrest of 50-year-old Jean Morose Viliena in Massachusetts on Wednesday came just one day after he was found liable in a civil trial for his role in a killing and two attempted slayings in his home country. Federal prosecutors say Viliena was indicted on three counts of fraud for writing on his visa application that he had never been involved in acts of violence in his homeland. Authorities allege that while mayor of the town of Les Irois on Haiti’s western tip, Viliena was involved in acts of violence against political foes.

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The governor of Massachusetts is reminding pharmacies that they are required to stock a key abortion pill, despite a nationwide effort by anti-abortion activists to ban the medication. Gov. Maura Healey sent out a statement Wednesday citing state regulations that pharmacies and pharmacy departments must have all reproductive health medications, including mifepristone. The Democratic leader's action comes as a federal judge in Texas is considering a lawsuit that would overturn decades-old federal approval of the drug. Healey said Massachusetts will always protect abortion access.

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A Massachusetts man convicted of helping to steal millions of dollars from hundreds of people in online romance scams, often regaling the victims with stories of oil rig explosions, now faces a 4 1/2-year prison sentence. Federal prosecutors say 30-year-old Kofi Osei and his alleged accomplices from 2016 to 2020 targeted mostly older people seeking companionship by creating fake online dating profiles. They gradually gained their victims’ trust before directing them to transfer money to one of dozens of bank accounts Osei opened. Once the money was in the bank account, it was quickly withdrawn.

How well do we know, really know, our dearest beloved — wife, husband, lover, child? What happens when trust is eroded? How do we repair the damage? Those questions go to the heart of playwright Kate Snodgrass’ edgy, sly comedy, “The Art of Burning” which is being given a cannily staged, persuasively acted production at Hartford Stage.


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