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PROJECT PAYCHECK: Child care centers in the Berkshires are fighting to hold it together, one positive COVID-19 test and one teacher resignation after another. By all accounts, the pandemic has steamrolled a stressed early-education system in Massachusetts. “It’s been difficult not being able to work because I can’t find child care for my daughter," said one Berkshire County mother. She's not alone. 

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Not too long ago I saw some beautiful delicata squash and bought a couple of them. And I have to admit that they sat on the kitchen counter for a while — since winter squash are hearty enough that they don’t spoil quickly — and I kept walking past thinking of what I might do with them.

At the Williams College Museum of Art, the exhibit "Repro Japan: Technologies of Popular Visual Culture" examines how the rise of visual culture, mass produced and consumed en masse, during Japan's Edo period has and continues to influence its popular visual culture, from manga and anime to cosplay and subcultural fashion.


Things to do this week in Berkshire County

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