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Columnist James Brooke writes: "Many people know about the Holodomor, or death by hunger. From 1932-33, the Kremlin carried out an artificial famine that killed about four million Ukrainians. Now, with the first snows falling, Ukrainians face a new threat — 'Kholodomor,' or death by cold."

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President Joe Biden's tradition of going out to lunch, shopping and watching a Christmas tree lighting in downtown Nantucket with his family became mostly about keeping his 2-year-old grandson from having a meltdown. Every member of the Biden family seemed to be doing whatever they could think of to keep baby Beau happy for a few hours until the tree was lit. The Bidens have been spending Thanksgiving on Nantucket for decades. The day after the turkey dinner, they go out to lunch, browse a bookstore and other shops before they watch the Christmas tree lighting on Main St.

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President Joe Biden's family tradition of spending Thanksgiving on Nantucket may take on a more serious tone this year. Biden is mulling whether to run for reelection in 2024. The president and his family are expected to begin discussing another run over Thanksgiving. Biden and his family decided together that he should run for president in 2020. Biden and his wife, Jill, left Washington on Tuesday evening for the Massachusetts island. They will spend part of Thanksgiving Day calling members of the military to thank them for serving, then return to the White House on Sunday.

Barrington Stage Company's Artistic Director Alan Paul sees Barrington Stage Company as an incubator for new work, especially musicals (“give quirky young musical writers a chance,” he’s been advised by Broadway composer-lyricist William Finn, who supervises BSC’s Musical Theatre Lab); for revisiting older musicals and making them fresh, in subtle and nuanced ways, for contemporary audiences.

Before arriving in Williamstown, the paintings in "Paint Where It Ain't," by international artist, poet and philanthropist Danny Simmons, is on view in Corridor '62 through Jan. 29, 2023, were seen in major metropolises, at the Houston Museum of African American Culture, and Hudson Guild Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Painted in a style Simmons coined, Neo-African abstract expressionism, the works are imbued with a deep heritage of indigenous art that continues to the present.


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