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The Berkshire branch of the NAACP and blogger Dan Valenti planned to host separate forums with Berkshire District Attorney candidates Wednesday. Now, the NAACP debate has been rescheduled — ending a dispute over how the campaigns should handle a scheduling conflict.  

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Mitchell Chapman writes: "The inconvenient truth is that congestion improves public safety. While it might irritate drivers, it forces slower speeds and safe driving habits. When smooth, congestion-free rides for automobiles are prioritized in our roads, we create environments that encourage speed, which comes at the expense of everything and everyone else sharing the road with cars."

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LEXINGTON, Mass. (AP) _ T2 Biosystems Inc. (TTOO) on Monday reported a loss of $18 million in its second quarter.

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An airplane bumped into another plane while backing up at Logan International Airport in Boston, prompting an investigation. No one was injured when the two Delta Airlines planes collided at low-speed on Friday night. Federal Aviation Administration said it is investigating. One of the planes, which was headed for Los Angeles, clipped the other as it pushed back from its gate at the airport. The other plane was empty and parked at an adjacent gate at the time. The FAA said the left winglet of the moving plane clipped the horizontal stabilizer of the other.


Things to do this week in Berkshire County

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